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5 Second Fix

Latest review: You can't get the UV Light through some surfaces, to cure the glue I have found. It does work well but only when and if you can get UV light through to

SnapUp Shelf

Latest review: I am so annoyed at myself for not reading the reviews before I purchase this product.I have tried putting it on many times and it keeps falling off with nothing even on it . Biggest waste of money

Chill Chest

Latest review: Very simple - stacks well also with other components taken along. All elements stack into chill cases as well and they stack well on top of each other providing stability when travelling with them in

Relief Wrap

Latest review: The two massaging spots are located on your shoulder blades, so it doesn't massage the parts of your back that actually hurt (ie above and below the shoulder blades). It is very loud - too loud to be

Red Copper 5 Minute Chef

Latest review: we used this tonight and it burnt out . The plastic melted onto the work top and has left a large burn mark. Luckly we were then when it happened. Now need a new work top so beware when you use this


Latest review: I received my single size euro bed AS A GIFT so when I visit my son I have somewhere comfortable to sleep as I have severe back problems. Until recently it was kept in its original packaging. I have

Air Dragon

Latest review: Very Handy to have on hand, works a treat, pumps up tyres quickly. Plugs into cigarette lighter, should have got the re chargable one. Maybe next time Good for pumping water

Nina Silk Hair Removal

Latest review: This product doesn't remove the hair at the root as it says it should do in the advertisement. It just sands it off and I can still see the hair inside the skin. It takes way too long to do. I would

Bavarian Edge

Latest review: This sharpener just doesn’t work. If anything it actually dulled my knives. It’s so bad I forked out for the postage to send it bac

Nubrilliance Hairless

Latest review: I asked the sales operator "Does it shave like men shave. It looks like it does". She replied "We haven't had any complaints yet". Stupid me bought. NO STARS from me. Well, 1 otherwise I could not

Tac Glasses

Latest review: I’m an old fart. I ordered both day and night they came worked fine. I thought I was ordering over glasses model but I did it wrong. When I called them they were sorry and said I could return them b

Genie Dream

Latest review: I agree with Lisa who says "After watching the infomercial I was so looking forward to using these bras. The material is less than sturdy to hold up my breasts and with thin straps there was

Twitching Lure

Latest review: Have had two lots of these lures now and they would have to be the worst product ever. We have never caught anything on them and after a while the rubber plugs fall out, water gets in (it gets in