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Honda Civic

Hatchbacks and SedansHonda Civic · includes 17 listings

4.3 from 237 reviews

Latest review: Purchased as previous Mazda 6 was close to 10 years old and close to 150,000 klms. Previous car to that was a Honda Odyssey, and was so impressed by the experience, was easy to buy another Honda for

Honda CR-V
  • Award Winner 2021

Midsize / Medium SUVsHonda CR-V · includes 11 listings

4.2 from 308 reviews

Latest review: I bought CRV2020 , just within first 2 years it had trouble with electrical fault and oil leaking . I do book service often by Western highway honda. I don’t recommend to buy C

Honda Jazz

HatchbacksHonda Jazz · includes 8 listings

4.1 from 176 reviews

Latest review: Honda Jazz is a good car except for its GPS. The GPS has major flaws in its logic and algorithms. It gets the destination wrong, the route wrong. Instead of travelling on a main road, the route

Honda Accord

SedansHonda Accord · includes 8 listings

4.4 from 69 reviews

Latest review: I have a 2008 Honda Accord V6, I bought it in 2011 from Yarra Honda with 34,000 kms, 9 years later it has 119,000 and its still a joy to drive. The rear seat space is ridiculously spacious,

Honda HR-V

Small / Compact SUVsHonda HR-V · includes 8 listings

4.1 from 162 reviews

Latest review: Almost a year since we drove out of the showroom with our HRV and we can only say what everyone who owns a honda says Best car we have ever owned. Drives very smooth very comfortable the fit and

Honda Odyssey

People MoversHonda Odyssey · includes 4 listings

3.8 from 70 reviews

Latest review: Had it since 2019, after first month found Little painting chipped like spiderweb on the car roof (just 1 month), service guy said that blamed on birds. Every year Running about 13000km, and did

Honda City GM

SedansHonda City GM (2015-2021) · includes 5 listings

4.0 from 22 reviews

Latest review: This variant of car is almost the best edition in the car manufacturer history.... Because the fuel average... And it is the only one thing that is game changer..... People just ask for fuel