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LG UK6540 Series

Latest review: I replaced my Samsung 55" with this TV and Im happy to say it does the job well The operating system is easy to use once to get used to it- perhaps I should have read the manual first ! I use it for

LG 332L with Door Cooling

Latest review: Slick, beautiful design. I find myself staring at it, transfixed, for minutes at a time. This is happening so often that my girlfriend is starting to become jealous. Consistently cold in all


Latest review: Easy to use and save a lot of water and electricity. Quiet and reliable the design is realy good it looks elegant overall a happy customer. I highly recomend this

LG GS-D665 (665L, Side by Side)

Latest review: You know when a month after purchase you still feel great about your new appliance, well that’s how I feel about this fridge. It’s a great size, it’s quiet, great temperature, easy to use ice and wate


Latest review: When purchased i was happy with the product until a few weeks ago when I found rust below the soap draw. I wrote in to LG about it, and they said that it was my fault for not maintaining the machine

LG GT-279

Latest review: Have this fridge for over two year now and it's still doing excellent. No fussy installation required, just plug in and switch on. Compartments are detachable for cleaning (except for the egg

LG SJ Series

Latest review: Very happy with the sounds it provides. And the connectivity options is very reliable. Bass is nice. It's not best by the way for the price you had spent on

LG NeoChef MJ3966

Latest review: Owned for a bit over two years. It’s versatile, cooks well and evenly. The downward opening door is great. But like the other reviewers noted the control board was faulty so that needed to be r


Latest review: This fridge does maintain temperature well but the freezer drawer always gets stuck and is not user friendly. I had issues with its ice dispenser and when I reported that to their customer service

LG Neochef MS2336DB

Latest review: Good affordable microwave, large microwave plate. Buttons are basic and minimal but does everything needed of a microwave. Place a happy tune at time which is unique. Looks nice and easy to

LG GF-V708 / GF-D708 / GF-L708PL (708L, French Door)

Latest review: LG Fridge GFL708PL. At the highest 6 degree setting soft foods in the crispers and main sections of the fridge on both sides freeze so we're throwing out most fruit/vegetables even after buying

LG OLED B8 Series

Latest review: This TV is a massive upgrade from an older HD LCD. The OLED screen looks incredible, with completely black blacks and rich, crisp images. It even looks like an upgrade when viewing non-hidef video -

LG K10

Latest review: Got this phone for my birthday. Run somewhat smoothly at first, but eventually it slowed down drastically. Just to open a photo, it took around 30 sec. The battery life was also horrible. Did not

LG UK7550 Series

Latest review: A great choice in 55 size TVs. Super UHD picture quality, Voice Control Remote option, beautiful design, Netflix key on remote and wifi connectivity are some of the main features to enjoy

LG WTG1032

Latest review: Bought this 10 Kg LG washing Machine in June this year, having changed from a Front Loader and have found this unit to live up to all that it states in the manual.The big drum has no agitator and

LG OLED C8 Series

Latest review: Ok so I might be a little overly impressed as my last TV was an Aldi's tiny thing from 6yrs ago (which was a great TV by the way!), but after using this TV for quite some time I must say it really is

LG UM76 Series

Latest review: Purchased this lg 75 inch tv, impressed with the clarity of the picture, sounds amazing, definitely happy with this purchase, slight downfall is the remote, not the easiest to navigate at first, I


Latest review: Dries all of my clothes in one run of the dryer (Sheets need to go in again after being untangled) it sends a notification to my phone when it is done, so if i have alot to dry on a rainy day i dont

LG EF950T Series

Latest review: Picture quality was quite good compared with former hitachi tv we had (both 4k). Speakers work but not too impressed with sound quality- have to have it on very high volume when streaming via hdmi.


Latest review: I have a washer dryer that is less than 1 year old and has never worked properly. LG has sent repairers in 4 times already, and it still doesn’t work. Repairs don’t know what else to do and LG ref

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