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LG GB-450

Latest review: Old fridge turned noisy and was running a lot. After a largish energy bill it was time. On the high recommdation here and the space limitation of couldn't be taller than 175cm we settled on a black

LG OLED C7T Series

Latest review: This is my experience with LGs C7 OLED TV. I bought this TV holiday time 2017 and paid $3999 from Harvey Norman, sold to me as the best TV a consumer can buy. I don't think I have high

LG NeoChef MS4296

Latest review: I bought LG 42L MS4296OBS microwave oven from the Harvey Norman (HN) in Liverpool, NSW on 13th December 2019, on 27th February 2019 it stopped working. It shows all display correctly but does not

LG GS-L668

Latest review: I always wanted to have a side-by-side fridge with Ice & Water Dispenser and without the hassle of connecting it to the water tap, etc. Especially, when you are renting you don't have much choice of

LG GS-B680

Latest review: Bought late January 2019. Noticed frost on freezer after 4 days so got a wireless thermometer to monitor the freezer temperature. I have it set at -18C but it cycles 3 days -20--17C and 16 hours -24

LG GT-442

Latest review: I only had it delivered yesterday from The Good Guys .Delivery and removal of old Fisher & Pakyle was quick. My old fridge was at the time of purchasing the largest I could but back then I had a

LG V20

Latest review: Great phone for photography and videography lovers, it offers a lot of manual control. Multitask performance is pretty good, but battery life is very disappointed compared to others. Excellent

LG NeoChef MS2596

Latest review: Bought it because of the easy cleaning outside and inside. No nasty corners to collect grime. Nearly sold it to buy an easier one to use but stuck with it and now love it. Takes a bit of getting used


Latest review: Start working slowly after 1.5 years of use and the apps do not run smoothly after the update. The camera quality and display are quite good. However, It has a bad durability. Not recommend this

LG LD-1481S4 / LD-1481W4

Latest review: I bought one 2 years ago and now the trays are already rusty. It was a wrong decision buying this thing. I thought LG is a good brand, I should have purchased a European brand instead. Never again

LG GF-5D712

Latest review: You may have read in other posts, that food in the crisper freezes. Well that's what happens to our food too. So much so, it has ruined heaps of fresh fruit and veges. The design flaw relates to a

LG GB-310

Latest review: My relatively old 420l Westinghouse suddenly started tripping circuit breakers and I thought that I might downsize. I had a brief look at this model at a retailer and I had it home working within a

LG WTG8520

Latest review: My machine is damaging my clothes. The metal drum is defective with the corner of the drum wall sticking out. I initially raised this with LG on 27th February and we are still

LG WF-T8582

Latest review: I wash everything, nothing I don't put in this machine. I use a bra bag for extra delicate clothes... I have purchased 3 of the same machine due to moving interstate I needed the second and due to

LG B7T Series

Latest review: Is it perfect? No TV is. Great colours, perfect blacks, more than bright enough in our room with large windows on both sides. We can't see why anyone would complain about OLED looking dim. The sun

LG WTG6532W / WTG7532W / WTG8532WH / WTG9532WH / WTG9532VH

Latest review: I do 2 washes a week on average; for one person (me!). One load with bed sheets, 1 towel and hand towel and floor mat, the other is office/gym clothes that are not really soiled but some black work

LG MS4266

Latest review: Just retired our old microwave... From the moment you turn it on. Setting the time is easy with the roatary dial. THE BEST part is the one push start button for 30 seconds or keep pressing to add a

LG GF-B620

Latest review: This fridge is only 2years old. Quiet and cold like a fridge should be but over the last 6 months dent like faults keep appearing in the fingerprint free faux stainless steel doors. Started with

LG CordZero A9

Latest review: There is an issue with the batteries on the LG cord zero. Mine failed after a few charges and the same has happened to my mates too. A quick check on the net reveals this is a common

LG P09/12/18/24/28AWN-14

Latest review: We do not recommend LG air conditioners. We purchased our air conditioner on 31 July 2017. In August 2018 it stopped heating. A repair person attended and fixed it. In January 2019 it stopped

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