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Miele Complete C3 PowerLine

Latest review: After our cheapo vacuum cleaner died, we decided to spend a little more and get something that would clean better, but also last longer. So after a lot of research, we chose the Miele Complete C3

Miele Compact C2 PowerLine

Latest review: It’s quite sturdy but if rough it will tip over. I love the vacuum bags and find it does not lose suction like others. The vacuum is very easy to manovore. I have recommended this vacuum to family a

Miele Classic C1 Powerline

Latest review: Great product. Strong power to take away all dust. Works well on carpet. Although the sound is a bit too loud but this is probably compulsory if you prefer a powerful vacuum

Miele G 4203

Latest review: Bought this a month ago after fighting with a LG dishwasher for the last few years. It cleans the plates and easily without the need wash off. Haven’t had any issues yet. It was a great price from H

Miele Blizzard CX1

Latest review: Best vacuum I have ever purchased. Love the variable suction control. It is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre around. Compact storage is a huge plus. Power head is incredibly powerful, I frequently

Miele W1

Latest review: My Miele worked brilliantly. After 6 years I have had to have it repaired twice. I would have expected a $1600 washing machine to have lasted a bit longer. Very

Miele H 2661 BP

Latest review: The oven it self dose the job, in the beginning I struggled to understand how to use it with all new gadgets and what not, in saying this I felt as if for the price paid for the oven it dose cook the

Miele G 4930

Latest review: Awful smell always on everything - just like prior reviewer has said. My last Miele was 5/5, this is awful. I’ve tried 4 different brands of tablets. I have rinse aid in .i have scrubbed it inside i

Miele G 6620

Latest review: The Miele G6620 SCU is an excellent dishwasher. I was initially apprehensive about spending so much, but it washes very well for both normal dishes and pots and pans, is quiet and is of a high

Miele K 12820 SD

Latest review: I have owned a Miele K12820 for the last 3 years during this time the drip tray in the back of the fridge has blocked up so many times resulting in water leaking from the inside of the fridge on to

Miele TKG450 WP

Latest review: This is a inverter dryer so no pumping of hot air and lint around the laundry. It extracts clean moisture into a container which I use for the steam iron as it has no salts in it, The drier is very

Miele TDD130WP Eco

Latest review: I am very pleased with my Miele Dryer. It has 8 stars, which I find incredible ! Must save me lots of money. And with the heat pump, no more having to have the back door open to let the steam

Miele FN 12827 S

Latest review: We bought our freezer August 2015 and are happy with the way the freezer works but like many others have had the handle snap off. I can't actually remember when it snapped off but it has been a

Miele Scout RX1 SJQL0

Latest review: Fault error every time it goes on rugs, customer service response not designed to be used on rugs and carpet although on miele website and product Manuel it says it does misleading !!! Took it to

Miele KFN 12823 SD

Latest review: We bought this fridge in Jan 2016, and have been extremely happy with it. It looks great, and the door handles are particularly effective (in the way they push the door open without any force on the

Miele KM 6113

Latest review: I have been very satisfied with my Miele induction cooktop ever since I had it installed. I used to have a Miele gas cooktop, but when renovating my house, decided to go off gas for the

Miele TDA 150 C

Latest review: After purchasing Miele products for the past 20 years and replacing our old dryer, I now find that I have exactly the same issues with the the dryer as others have reported. The dryer beeps and the

MIele TMV 840 WP

Latest review: Purchased the TMV840WV this month together with its matching Washer (WMV960). I have done a lot of research and apparently heat pump dryers are the way to go but no one really thinks about things

Miele H 2265 BP

Latest review: I really like the finished quality and have to wait and see after 2 years when the warranty is finish and will write another review. My old Blanco oven was last for 11 years and wait to if Miele oven

Miele G 6827 SCi

Latest review: This Miele dishwasher is the best I’ve ever seen, and it’s mine! I’m totally thrilled with it every time I use it. It’s a breeze to use once you learn the different settings and it’s easy to custom

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