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Nissan X-Trail

Latest review: This car is incredible. Beautiful to look at, amazing to drive, easy on fuel, reliable, roomy, safe and cheap to maintain. The interior is comfortable and easy to clean. The push button start and

Nissan Patrol

Latest review: Have now owned my patrol for over a year now and love it! awesome to drive and tow with. gets better fuel economy than my old zd30. very comfy and now have convinced 3 others to buy one love

Nissan Dualis / Qashqai

Latest review: Overall it's a pretty good car with a lot of features that are now being featured on newer cars. It's enjoyable to drive, especially on freeways and highways and very comfortable. Until it reached

Nissan Pathfinder

Latest review: I have a 2018 run out N Sport, it's a nice car with plenty of room. Ample power for a front wheeled drive car but it also uses plenty of fuel to support it. But... Nissan, why the hell do you make a

Nissan Navara

Latest review: Had this car for 3 months now. Fuel economy was 13.7l when I picked it up and now is 11.1l. When doing 100kmh its doing 1600 revs in 7th gear. Radio reception is poor as is the bluetooth connection.

Nissan Juke F15

Latest review: I like my Juke, i only ever use the eco friendly setting as it saves fuel. I only ever use premium fuel and the most i have paid is $60 to fill. I haven't had any issues to date appart from having to

Nissan 370Z Z34

Latest review: I've had this car for a couple of years now. I bought it near new with only about 20000ks on the clock. I haven't had any problems so far and find it very reasonable to maintain price wise for such