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Optimum Puppy

Latest review: My 6 month golden retriever puppy loves these bikkies. We used to buy her the Black Hawk puppy bikkies which she ate but she would never eat them as soon as I put her food out. She would leave it

Optimum Adult Small-Breeds

Latest review: This food claims to benefit dogs health in a lot of different ways and was the very reason I was trailing this on my Toy Poodle x Havanese...however I discovered that they use BHA and BHT as the

Optimum for Adult Dogs

Latest review: Fed this food to my two kelpies both ended up very sick! Vomiting, distrested, breathing problems, swollen eyes. Will not be buying this product again. It took a long time for my dogs to

Optimum Healthy Weight Management

Latest review: This product was great and really helped my dog lose weight, alot of the more expensive brands only come in a dry and it was very hard to get my dog to eat them as they looked and smelt very bland.

Optimum Furball

Latest review: We started using Optimum Furball about 3 years ago when our cat was regurgitating all the time. Had tried canned food, fresh food etc. but it wasn't until we tried Optimum Furball that we had any

Optimum Junior

Latest review: I fed my Spaniel on Optimum Junior for a long time while she was still growing, and I think it's definitely paid off. She's the correct weight, the picture of health, and the perfect height for her

Optimum Healthy Weight Management for Cat

Latest review: This was fantastuic, my cat still enjoyed dinner time, but was able to maintain the correct weight. Was a little pricy but worth it as it helped the cat! It seems to help my overweight cat maintain

Optimum Active

Latest review: Overall a good quality dog food available in supermarkets, its at a good price for its quality level and my dog seems to really like the taste. It also helps my kelpie to keep weight on even after

Optimum for Adult Cats

Latest review: This cat food was my favourite for a long time but now they have changed.. I used to get 1.5kg for around $10 now they have made it only 800g for $1-2 cheaper... This is utter greed. This sizing

Optimum Kitten

Latest review: For a supermarket brand, this would be my top pick. It's very similar to Advance kitten dry food (pretty sure they come from the same factory?), so I've found I can swap between the 2 without stomach

Optimum Mature Cats

Latest review: I was changing food as my cat was aging and needed different dietry requirements. I tried this food. This product made my cat so ill the vet thought he was in renal failure! It cost me hundred's of