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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Latest review: The note phones just keep getting better and better. This one is great. I love everything about this phone. Smooth interface, super functional and easy to navigate. I do recommend it that's for

Samsung Series 6 MU6100

Latest review: Samsung Smart TV is brilliant. Quality picture with great clarity. Apps are easy to add and easy to find on the pop up menu. The TV has superb sound and movie viewing from many angles. The internet

Samsung SRL457MW / SRL458ELS

Latest review: As our new fridge had to fit into the ‘fridge spot’ in our kitchen, and I wanted one with a freezer on the bottom, our choices were extremely limited. The friendly sales person at Good Guys Marion sho

Samsung Galaxy S8

Latest review: Over time my mobile was all broken. Front and back. I thought about updating but my phone is still fast. Has a very good camera and is a good size for the hand. Samsung repaired my front screen, LCD

Samsung AddWash WW85K5410WW / WW85K6410QX

Latest review: very quite and user friendly start and stop add wash option is very nice as you can add some small clothes in the middle of washing cycle little bit noise in spinning that looks normal to me as I can

Samsung Gear S3

Latest review: Samsung customer relations is a total disgrace. The chat line are unable to answer simple questions. On the phone you get through to the Philippines who are worse than useless. Do not buy via

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Latest review: My old tablet finally died and I got the new Tab A from JB. Better screen and faster than the old one. Great for streaming and browsing. Definitely a good buy at the

Samsung SRF719DLS

Latest review: Ice maker broke within 12 months was told they would fix it and if it broke again offer a refund. 4 weeks later and two goes at fixing it broken again. Repairer informed it was a design fault and all

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Latest review: Bought this phone and it no longer charges with the supplied cable after less than 6 months. Other than that it was a great phone. I hope they can fix it for me

Samsung SR400LSTC

Latest review: There are lemons in every product right? After 18 months the freezer door didnt close and noticed the back panel starting to protrude. Turned the icebox around and closed, but panel

Samsung Galaxy S9

Latest review: Great camera, love how when a telemarketer calls its displays as spam or fraud calling so I no not to answer. Plenty of storage space for photos ect Nice and thin

Samsung Galaxy A5

Latest review: This phones auto focus is absolutely garbage it never focuses, also it never focuses when manually focusing it either. This phones back Camera just sucks overall, the more I use this hunk of junk the

Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro

Latest review: J5Pro has conversations and contacts. Nothing is private as after a few words on contacts it automatically goes into Conversations (mms) where everyone can read your messages. No privacy

Samsung MS6104 / ME6104

Latest review: Performs exactly as it should, has 30 second button so that helps! It cooks and warms food without over cooking and its a great size to fit in your kitchen. Great

Samsung Powerbot 9000 Series

Latest review: Have had it for just over two years and in that time has broken down four times and required new batteries, new chargers, etc. This is the most unreliable piece of consumer electronics we have ever

Samsung MS32J5133B

Latest review: While it lasted it was ok and good for cooking whole potatoes. But when it breaks down completely a month after the warranty expires it represents poor value for money. I'll steer clear of Samsung

Samsung Gear S2

Latest review: Have had this watch for 2 years and not had any issues. It still works like it did on day 1. No issues with the band like other reviewers and I even wear it during volleyball games. Pretty good at

Samsung Series 9 MU9000

Latest review: Perfect quality and just the right size for our apartment. No problems with it after having just 8 months now. It is also great that you can control your TV from your smart phone as well, great HD

Samsung ME6144

Latest review: While it was working this microwave was fine. It heated food evenly without too much noise. Our teenagers especially liked the pre-set button for pizza slices and popcorn (I couldn't be bothered to

Samsung ME6124

Latest review: It was fine. I liked it, and it looks good. But then it just broke. The fan constantly just runs and the buttons do nothing. So angry at this. I expected better of something I paid so much

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