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Smeg ECF01

Semi-Automatic and Manual Coffee MachinesSmeg ECF01 · includes 7 listings

4.0 from 63 reviews

Latest review: Just purchased the Smeg version (Feb ‘21) after ten years of the DeLonghi, everyday use. These are the same machine with cosmetic differences. Once used to adjusting the settings to get the coffee t

Smeg KLF03

Electric KettlesSmeg KLF03 · includes 8 listings

3.6 from 59 reviews

Smeg’s incredibly stylish collection of electric kettles are quieter and quicker than ever. Now featuring a 360° swivel base, a removable limescale filter and a 2,400 watt heating element for quick boiling.

  • Quiet

  • Looks stylish

  • Boils water quickly

  • Premium price

  • Heavy (1.3kg)

  • Lid top system is difficult to open

Smeg DWA6314 Series

Freestanding DishwashersSmeg DWA6314 Series · includes 6 listings

3.5 from 39 reviews

Latest review: Unfortunately this dishwasher is unreliable. We have had numerous issues with it including faulty latches and it not washing properly due to faulty parts. Now a month out of warranty the machine is

Smeg TRA90

Freestanding OvensSmeg TRA90

3.6 from 29 reviews

Latest review: We have had this oven for two months and it has stopped working, very disappointed as we payed a premium price, for what turns out to be an inferior product. This was our first Smeg product and will

Smeg C9GM Series

Freestanding OvensSmeg C9GM Series · includes 8 listings

3.0 from 69 reviews

Latest review: Had nothing but issues with the timer for the oven, the timer does not work (the oven will not turn on, yet it ticks). When the timer is in the manual position it sometimes works, however it

Smeg SA9065X / SA9065XS

Freestanding OvensSmeg SA9065X / SA9065XS · includes 2 listings

2.8 from 36 reviews

Latest review: Brilliant and easy to clean. My Falcon range (cooktop) became pitted within a year. The SMEG cooks perfectly and evenly and heats super fast. Just a joy to cook

Smeg DWAU6315X

Built-in DishwashersSmeg DWAU6315X

3.0 from 27 reviews

The Smeg DWAU6315X is a dishwasher that will leave your dishes in pristine shape, but it’s best to see what has already been said about its drying capabilities and load capacity before taking the plunge to buy one.

  • Cleans dishes well

  • Barely makes noise

  • Doesn't always dry dishes

  • Hard to fit large dishes inside

Smeg TSF02

ToastersSmeg TSF02 · includes 8 listings

2.4 from 94 reviews

Latest review: I was fed up with unreliable, erratic and temperamental cheap supermarket toasters, So I splashed out and bought a Smeg. Now I have an expensive unreliable, erratic and temperamental toaster! It is

Smeg SMF01

Benchtop Food MixersSmeg SMF01 · includes 7 listings

3.5 from 14 reviews

Latest review: Really disappointed, waited so long to afford this mixer. However, everytime I have used it, mixture ends up along sides of bowl. Reading the many reviews here, I see this is a general problem.

Smeg SFA6304X

Wall OvensSmeg SFA6304X

3.4 from 13 reviews

Latest review: Totally dissatisfied with Smeg's after sales service. When error codes are provided - they do return calls or provide any form of follow up. Spare parts are never in stock and they do not keep their

Smeg BLF01

BlendersSmeg BLF01 · includes 8 listings

2.9 from 17 reviews

Latest review: Terrific blender and Smeg has been fantastic in resolving my problem. It's tricky to assemble after washing and leaks if not reassembled 100% which requires strong wrists! Leaking into motor might be

Smeg TSF01

ToastersSmeg TSF01 · includes 8 listings

2.1 from 62 reviews

Latest review: This toaster would have to be the worst toaster I have ever owned. The quality is poor, and does not cook the toast evenly. I use many varieties of breads plus crumpets and muffins. because of the

Smeg SF640S

French Door Fridges / RefrigeratorsSmeg SF640S

3.3 from 10 reviews

Latest review: Excellent cooling. Nothing to dislike. Makes great ice. Well laid out. Plenty of room in the freezer and fridge. Seems well built. Not sure why other reviews are not as positive. I am so happy with

Smeg C6GMXA8

Freestanding OvensSmeg C6GMXA8

2.5 from 19 reviews

Latest review: I bought this oven in October 2013 so it is now 6 1/2 years old. I paid $1700 for it. For the first year it was ok but then the digital clock display broke so that i could only partially read it. I

Smeg 50's Retro Style Aesthetic KLF04

Electric KettlesSmeg 50's Retro Style Aesthetic KLF04 · includes 8 listings

2.6 from 14 reviews

Latest review: I am not happy with this product we have only had this just over 2 years and the base has gone will not boil just switches off. For the price I thought it would last but I emailed spare parts to Get

Smeg SA550-1X60 / SA550-2X60 / SA550-1X90 / SA550-2X90

Range HoodsSmeg SA550-1X60 / SA550-2X60 / SA550-1X90 / SA550-2X90 · includes 4 listings

2.4 from 18 reviews

Latest review: Agh, the saga of a SMEG rangehood. It was much noisier than stated when first installed, had a technician out who just said it’s fine without measuring the actual decibels and then we had to foot t

Smeg DOSPA6395X

Wall OvensSmeg DOSPA6395X

2.4 from 16 reviews

Latest review: The very day it was installed by professional electricians, the screen froze and no switches would work. Turned off at mains to reset on advice from SMEG. Since then 3 more freezes and wouldn't turn

Smeg PGA64

Gas CooktopsSmeg PGA64

2.6 from 13 reviews

Latest review: I was looking for a cook top that sunk into the bench top for the clean look in my new kitchen, This product sure looked the goods in the Show room at Harvey Norman, so I ordered both my Smeg Oven

Smeg Retro 50's Style FAB32 Series

Bottom Mount Fridges / RefrigeratorsSmeg Retro 50's Style FAB32 Series · includes 14 listings

2.4 from 16 reviews

Latest review: Cute fridge, but it misbehaves. Our Smeg has a major condensation problem, it freezes food in the fridge compartment and grows colonies of mould in the door seals (which we have had to replace at

Smeg Hand Blender

Stick Blenders / MixersSmeg Hand Blender · includes 4 listings

5.0 from 6 reviews

Latest review: I I got this stick blender about six weeks ago and am very happy with it. It also includes some very handy attachments. My only concern is that the whisk seems to vibrate quite aggressively so I

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