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Tefal Cuisine Companion FE800A60

All-In-One Kitchen AppliancesTefal Cuisine Companion FE800A60

4.6 from 45 reviews

Latest review: UNRELIABLE and very poor support from TEFAL. Great while it worked which wasn’t long! I was initially impressed enough with the performance to buy the overpriced grating attachment. However, about

Tefal Cook4Me+
  • Award Winner 2019

Multi Cookers and Pressure CookersTefal Cook4Me+ · includes 3 listings

4.2 from 78 reviews

Latest review: love the pressure cooker option. cook and forget, come home to a freshly cooked meal, ready to serve. the pre selected cook idea is next level. its like cooking for dummys, even I cant make a

Tefal Soup & Co BL9031

Soup MakersTefal Soup & Co BL9031

4.2 from 52 reviews

Latest review: It was heavily reduced at The Good Guys, so I decided to give it a go. It is a good quality device, it can be both a blender and a soup. You can also make a mashed potato with it. Good for

Tefal Fry Delight FX1000

Air FryersTefal Fry Delight FX1000

4.4 from 37 reviews

Latest review: Gifted to me from my mum. First time using an air fryer. I love it. So quick and easy to use and cook. I just put it in the dishwasher when finished so easy to clean also. I've cooked, chips,

Tefal Optigrill+ GC712/22

GrillsTefal Optigrill+ GC712/22 · includes 2 listings

4.2 from 43 reviews

Latest review: I use the grill mainly to toast sandwiches and grill lamb cutlets. While I have no complaints on how it cooks the food, the grill plates emit heaps of smoke when the grill is heating up, before the

Tefal TurboPro FV5648
  • Award Winner 2019

Irons & Steam GeneratorsTefal TurboPro FV5648

4.3 from 37 reviews

Latest review: I have always been a huge fan of Tefal's products and hence bought the FV5648 in June 2018 after a bit of research. I was initially happy with its performance even though it felt a little bit heavy

Tefal ActiFry 1Kg

Air FryersTefal ActiFry 1Kg · includes 2 listings

3.6 from 161 reviews

Latest review: I have had three of these and each one died just as the guarantee ran out. I loved the way they worked but am not buying one again as they do not

Tefal TurboPro FV5605
  • Award Winner 2020

Irons & Steam GeneratorsTefal TurboPro FV5605

4.2 from 35 reviews

Latest review: Solid product which heats up quickly and is smooth. Had some white residue spitting out during second usage after following instructions carefully. Comfortable to use, trigger placement of steam

Tefal Ingenio Preference Stainless Steel Induction Set

Cookware & Fryware ProductsTefal Ingenio Preference Stainless Steel Induction Set

4.5 from 25 reviews

Latest review: These are quality pans with a superb non stick surface and heavy gauge bottom. Far superior to the basic ingenio range (which are still great cooking pans). Easy to clean and stow. I find nothing

Tefal Oleoclean Pro FR8040

Deep FryersTefal Oleoclean Pro FR8040

3.8 from 31 reviews

Latest review: Cooks evenly everytime! the oil stays fresh and clean with its filtering system. Everything just works! easy to clean and store away. makes frying a breeze and a household

Tefal Smart Protect FV4970

Irons & Steam GeneratorsTefal Smart Protect FV4970

3.6 from 33 reviews

Latest review: I had used a cheap Kambrook for years which did a great job but after I dropped that thought I'd try something more upmarket. Big mistake. This Tefal doesn't take wrinkles out unless you use steam,

Tefal Free Move Cordless

Irons & Steam GeneratorsTefal Free Move Cordless · includes 3 listings

3.4 from 42 reviews

Latest review: Pros: Very small Lightweight Powerful the plate is very smooth Cons: Base needs to be clamped to the board which can be tricky as some ironing board resting place is made of metal racks - needs

Jamie Oliver Premium Stainless Steel

Cookware & Fryware ProductsJamie Oliver Premium Stainless Steel

3.8 from 25 reviews

Latest review: I’ve had this happen to me twice now. I thought I it was my fault the first time so I bought another one. Bubbles started on the exact same place both times. Sucks really because it’s a nice pan ove

Tefal Mini 0.8L

Electric KettlesTefal Mini 0.8L · includes 2 listings

3.4 from 32 reviews

Latest review: We bought this kettle for caravan seemed ok for 2 years then tea tasted funny like plastic blamed tea/water etc tried bottled water new tea same taste! Only plastic is lid ?not safe plastic ! Would

Tefal Ultraglide FV4042

Irons & Steam GeneratorsTefal Ultraglide FV4042

3.8 from 22 reviews

Latest review: After using this for the last three weeks I don't know how there can be negative reviews for this iron. Ease of use.... tick Result on clothes...tick Steam function... tick Spray function...tick

Tefal Snack Collection Multi-function Sandwich Press SW852D61

Sandwich MakersTefal Snack Collection Multi-function Sandwich Press SW852D61

3.3 from 40 reviews

Latest review: I got this item from jbhifi in January 2020.At that time tefal was having a promotion where if more than an amount was spent you get a bonus gift.Since I got my item online I didnt speak to anyone

Tefal Power Grill CB651B61

GrillsTefal Power Grill CB651B61

3.6 from 25 reviews

Latest review: Super easy to clean and lightweight are the biggest selling points for me, on the downside it doesn’t get quite hot enough and cooking a steak or sausages etc can be a little slow, also the addition o

Tefal IXEO All in One Solution QT1020

Garment SteamersTefal IXEO All in One Solution QT1020

3.5 from 24 reviews

Latest review: Firstly, let me state I’m giving a 2 1/2 star rating. I have been a Tefal Iron user for over 35 yrs +. Have always been happy with their irons and only needed to update when required. Lately, their p

Tefal Filtra Pro FR406860

Deep FryersTefal Filtra Pro FR406860

3.5 from 22 reviews

Latest review: First fryer i ever bought and I love this fryer for so many reasons. 1. It is a neat compact stylish looking fryer 2. The oil filter under the heating element is one of the main reasons i bought this

Tefal Multicook & Stir RK901

Multi CookersTefal Multicook & Stir RK901

3.4 from 21 reviews

Latest review: We have a pretty normal family of five and with daily routine of work, school and driving the kids around the Tefal Multicook has been a real handy addition to our cookware. We ahev made risotto,

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