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Uniden iGo Cam 30

Dash CamsUniden iGo Cam 30

2.6 from 5 reviews

Latest review: Despite being securely connected to the power outlet and the light showing the camera is receiving power, it fails to automatically turn on with the car more often than

Price from$99.00Kogan

Uniden XDECT 5135 + 1

Home PhonesUniden XDECT 5135 + 1

2.6 from 5 reviews

Latest review: Bought the Uniden 5135 +1 last week to take advantage of the Bluetooth links the phone is supposed to have. Shocking! Any call that comes in can't be heard properly - bad static all the time - so I

Uniden UH710SX

UHF & VHF RadiosUniden UH710SX · includes 2 listings

2.5 from 2 reviews

Latest review: Perfect for landscaping yards, where you don't want the distance coz close to main roads and passing trucks....But more importantly if you operate loaders etc the fancier ones pick up

Uniden XDECT 6135BTU

Home PhonesUniden XDECT 6135BTU · includes 2 listings

2.3 from 6 reviews

Latest review: The issue I would reiterate from other posters is the distortion in the earpiece when talking which is quite disconcerting. Luckily l mostly use a headset and it's not as evident but still

Uniden Guardian App Cam X56

Wireless Surveillance SystemsUniden Guardian App Cam X56

2.3 from 3 reviews

Latest review: Been trying to set up for hours Had customers service on the phone, couldnt get it working, will finally set up but then ask it to do something and will start rebooting, and then connect again, ask

Uniden GDVR4A40

Wired Surveillance SystemsUniden GDVR4A40

2.0 from 5 reviews

Latest review: Bought new unit 5 months ago, and the hard drive has already buggered up. Making so much noise I cannot sleep at night so I have turned it off. I have tried to contact Uniden a few times, their

Uniden iGO CAM 70R

Dash CamsUniden iGO CAM 70R

2.0 from 3 reviews

Latest review: This is 3rd year in a row my display screen went white. Every summer it blows out and had to go through lengthy process of fixing it. This year no warranty no service !

Uniden DECT 1715

Home PhonesUniden DECT 1715

2.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: I have had Uniden phones for years and been very happy with them but this latest one is impossible to use. Previous versions were intuitive and hardly needed a manual. This is one cannot be used

Uniden GNVR8580

Wired Surveillance SystemsUniden GNVR8580

2.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: Purchased the GNVR8580 less than 2 years ago, suddenly stopped working. Have had many problems with cameras not working, will not be purchasing this brand again. Good quality picture but for the

Uniden DECT 3216

Home PhonesUniden DECT 3216 · includes 2 listings

2.0 from 1 review

Latest review: The phone is easy to set up and more or less works out of the box, but if you want to do anything a little bit more sophisticated, be warned: it has a very un-intuitive menu system. It feels like it

Uniden UH076SX

UHF & VHF RadiosUniden UH076SX · includes 2 listings

1.9 from 8 reviews

Latest review: Bought two of these radios to work onsite. Both batteries would not hold full charge. One belt clip broke. One volume knob fell off. Both tx/Rx remotes failed, with speaker fail. Good TX

Uniden UWG 700

Door Security ProductsUniden UWG 700

1.9 from 8 reviews

Latest review: Not having issues stated I live in a three story house have intercom camera at front middle level and camera at back middle level. Monitor is upstairs at back of house over 20 meters away. All

Uniden DECT 3236

Home PhonesUniden DECT 3236

1.6 from 9 reviews

Latest review: I can handle it. My wife can only answer calls. Extra steps to get number list is no good. The manual is lacking logic in many places. A good manual would have avoided many comments in your reviews.

Uniden GDVR8T80

Wired Surveillance SystemsUniden GDVR8T80

1.5 from 4 reviews

Latest review: Brought 2 GDVR8T80's for family and myself. Cameras and remote viewing works well, but play back is absolutely garbage and lags like hell. I'll never buy their products again. They must have known

Uniden FP1355

Home PhonesUniden FP1355

1.5 from 2 reviews

Latest review: - Sound quality average - No light to indicate that answering machine is turned on - Sometimes if you press the wrong number button and hang up to re-dial, the first button press results in

Uniden DECT 1615

Home PhonesUniden DECT 1615 · includes 3 listings

1.3 from 3 reviews

Latest review: Replaced our Uniden cordless phones with new Uniden DECT 1615 phones, why because previous phones playing up with a few years service. Old phones thrown away and new phones worked to expectation "

Uniden Guardian G2940

Wireless Surveillance SystemsUniden Guardian G2940

1.2 from 5 reviews

Latest review: I have purchased this product twice and both lots have worked for a few months then the screen kept going black and it wouldnt charge or record and always sim card fault comes up have tried

Uniden GXVR 55840

Wired Surveillance SystemsUniden GXVR 55840

1.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: Other than the camera quality (which is pretty good) this is a pretty poor product. The Google integration doesn't work, their support can't fix it (only suggest there are too many devices on the

Uniden Guardian App Cam Spotlight

Wireless Surveillance SystemsUniden Guardian App Cam Spotlight

1.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: absolute rubbish for the price paid! continually need to reset the camera all the time! sometimes when trying to reset it just doesnt happen! dont waste your money! buy a better brand. already have

Uniden Guardian App Cam Solo PT

Wireless Surveillance SystemsUniden Guardian App Cam Solo PT

1.0 from 1 review

Latest review: So this is the only wirefree weatherproof security camera with pan and tilt function which was advertised on the box. But unfortunately the camera will just stay still and won’t be able to pan or t

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