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Volkswagen Passat

Latest review: I use this Passat R-line sedan for work and for private use. It is very comfortable but most of all, very economical. I can get a 1000 km out of a tank of petrol. I love the luxury package, the

Volkswagen Golf

Latest review: Our VW Golf Wagon drove mostly fine for 6 years but then started coughing and spluttering so we took it to our local mechanic. He advised there are problems with the compression system and that to

Volkswagen Touareg

Latest review: Originally purchased to tow a pop top caravan. Now primary transport. Tows the van effortlessly. Because the car was already some 9 years old when originally purchased second hand and 220 k k's I

Volkswagen Tiguan

Latest review: What a huge disappointment, I purchased the 2018 Tiguan Highline 140TDI with all the packs and sunroof brand new! The fuel efficiency of this diesel vehicle is well below what Volkswagen say it

Volkswagen Polo

Latest review: great handling, fuel economy and overall quality. Highly recommend to everyone. Drive the car everyday to work and weekends. Great sound system. I am a older driver and have had many cars in my life.

Volkswagen Amarok 2H (2011-Present)

Latest review: Bought a demo Amarok and have had it for about a month. Interior and appointments are great, but the engine is really quite gutless and fusses about through the gears. Economy is good though larger

Volkswagen Transporter

Latest review: Van is powerful, great to drive, cruises very well and is massive inside. Been setup as a full camper and is awesome for that reason, one of the only vans this size where you don’t have to get out of

Volkswagen Multivan

Latest review: The work done to this vehicle was only possible due to how convenient the VW is. With $110,000 in modifications onto a $50,000 van, words can not describe the ease of the process. It is by far the

Volkswagen Caddy

Latest review: We purchased the VW Caddy Maxi Life new in 2011 for the safety, economy, low emissions, solid quality build, versatility of the 7 seats and different configurations for large cargo space. It has

Volkswagen Caddy Life

Latest review: I have had my Caddy for one year now and it has cost thousands of dollars in repairs. The sevicing and parts are very expensive and i have spoken to mechanics and fellow Caddy owners who all have

Volkswagen Caravelle

Latest review: I recently bought my 2008 Caravelle Auto LWB and am absolutely loving it. It had 170,000 on the clock when I got it and paid $18.000 This is my first Caravelle and the most expensive car I have

Volkswagen Arteon 3H (2017-Present)