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Westinghouse WHE5200 (524L, French Door)

Latest review: Upgraded due to growing family 2 months ago from our smaller white top mount Westinghouse and have had no regrets. It was the best looking stainless steel fridge that fit in our relatively small area

Westinghouse WSE6200SA / WSE6200WA

Latest review: Best fridge I have purchased. Doors easy to open, decent amount of shelves. Decent cooling circulation. Awesome fridge. Great size for my family. Decent size for the space I have it

Westinghouse WSF6606X / WSF6606W

Latest review: I purchased this dishwasher in October 2014 and didn't really give too much thought to it until I was at a friends house and noticed their heavy/intensive cycle was double the amount of time of my

Westinghouse WTB4600 / WTB5400

Latest review: The fridge maintains a consistent temperature and does what a fridge is supposed to do. However, I have noticed the fridge makes an irritating buzzing noise from time to time. Opening and closing the

Westinghouse WBE 4500 / 4504 / 4514 Series (453L, Bottom Mount)

Latest review: Everything fits perfect. Good on electricity and very quiet. I like the fact the freezer is on the lower level. I will recommend this product to all my friends and

Westinghouse WVG615S / WVG615W

Latest review: Wow the oven is easy to use , the controls are easy to understand and the oven size is perfect inside for all type of baking trays, oven is easy to wipe out after

Westinghouse WBE 5300 / 5304 / 5314 / 5360 Series (528L, Bottom Mount)

Latest review: watch the handles they are weak but Westinghouse replaced mine even whilst out of warranty. currently can only buy the complete handle set for about $180. they are going to start supplying the pedal

Westinghouse WBB3400 Series (340L, Bottom Mount)

Latest review: I bought this Fridge 2 weeks ago, from first day it has non stopping cracking sound, I think it's normal sound and it may gone after couple of days! and now after passing 2 weeks sound get more, we

Westinghouse WFE914SB

Latest review: Wfe914sb has an d electric oven , finished cooking dinner , oven was turned off for at least 45mins , heard a loud explosion , ran into the kitchen to see shattered glass everywhere, we rang customer

Westinghouse WSF6608X / WSF6608W

Latest review: Lots of room for dishes, even if full size dinner plates can cause some wash arm issues. Does a great job of cleaning, very quiet and our water bill has lowered significantly since we purchased. The

Westinghouse WVE615S / WVE615W

Latest review: This oven is now almost 4 years old. I messed up first time I used it and lined the bottom with foil to protect it. Big mistake. Foil melted on and nothing gets it off...nothing. It has not worked

Westinghouse WVE626S / WVE626W

Latest review: This fast heating electric oven is definitely my choice. The double oven allows me to cook multiple components at the same time resulting in everything being hot and ready on time. I love the extra

Westinghouse WTB3400

Latest review: Love this fridge, I share it with 3 other house mates and we each have one shelf. This works so well for us as there is enough space to store all our own food as well as some shared food in the door

Westinghouse WMF4102

Latest review: Choose this microwave based on choice review and user reviews. Only machine that had few issues for users in the real world and scored above 80% in professional tests. Also it has a timer for other

Westinghouse WTB4604SA / WTB5404SA

Latest review: Received an email asking for a review on our recent purchase but the link appeared to be locked. Fridge looks good, temperature choices are good and easy to adjust, space/interior design good.

Westinghouse WVE916SA / WVE916SB

Latest review: Got this oven with our new home through Carlisle Homes. Love the FHU (fast heat up) function, rather than waiting for it to heat slowly... SO easy to use too. Timer is easy with the up and down

Westinghouse WSE6870SA

Latest review: We love this Fridge it is big inside large spacious and a quite motor compared to our old fridge. It looks great too.nice layout and side compartments are easy to

Westinghouse WCM1400WD / WCM2000WD / WCM2900WD

Latest review: Great size family freezer, loads of room plus a basket. We had an old Tuckerbox freezer which was great, but used a lot of energy. This one uses much less, has just as much capacity, is light weight

Westinghouse WSE6900

Latest review: Fridge is working good, occasionally we use to get loud (bit more for the fridge) noise from the fridge. Its good size. The fridge and freezer plastic trims got cracked around glass. There are 6

Westinghouse WFEP915SB

Latest review: Im well satisfied with oven and I like the design of it and easy to Operate just few simple steps ..you can almost cook everything in it it has alarm system and time that's works wonderful.oven and

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