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Woolworths Traditional Mayonnaise

Latest review: I love the mayonnaise but I don't like the shape of the bottle. It is useless when the product gets down low and doesn't run out the bottle. Because of the shape of the bottle you can't even get a

Woolworths Select Creme Concentrate

Latest review: I am using this one at the moment (Jojoba Oil). At this time I am adjusting my family budget by trying different types of home products. I do not think I would come back to this product again because

Woolworths Select Dishwasher Tablets All In 1

Latest review: I was buying Finish tablets for ages and then I realised I could save some money so I tried Aldi's brand and they were fantastic, didn't notice a difference compared to Finish. As I live pretty far

Woolworths Select Fabric Softener

Latest review: Very, very disappointed with this fabric softener. Used this particular product for the first time, placed in fabric dispenser as usual but has left ghastly greasy looking stains on the sheets and

HomeBrand Dog Shampoo

Latest review: When i cant get to the the places i normally get my fur babies products from this is a fine replacement and does the gob needed however it would be different on every dog.

Woolworths Homebrand Cling Wrap

Latest review: I have never had a problem with the homebrand cling wrap until now. Yes it works well so is good quality in that respect but I don’t feel confident covering food with the cling wrap as it has a bad p

Woolworths Select Antibacterial

Latest review: Our household bought the Woolworths select hand wash and found it to be about average as it lathers up well and has a pump container though decided to stop using it as I have dermatitis / I totally

Woolworths Select 5 In 1 Dishwasher Tablets

Latest review: The tablets dont desolve even in hot water...waste of money.....dont work.just about the whole tablet is left sitting in the washer..should be giving out refunds.back to finish i guess.cheap for a

Woolworths Select Disinfectant Aerosol

Latest review: I found this product really pungent and the smell quite strong. It’s not a nice smell either. I use it to spray on the bins. That’s it. It does last and it’s good value

Woolworths Select Lemon Lime Dishwasher Deodoriser

Latest review: I bought this in spite of scrutinising packaging for usage instructions and warnings and finding none. I want to know what chemicals are used, & can't understand how our labeling laws do not demand

Woolworths Clumping Cat Litter

Latest review: Able to remove all residue simply as litter clumps absorbs all visible moisture. I clear tray daily and absolutely no residue odour or dust issues. I have been spending 5 times the money and not

Woolworths Select Dishwash Cleaner

Latest review: Put this product through the dishwasher cycle and it doesn’t desolve, waste of water and power. Will return it to the shop tomorrow and buy a more reputable brand. Would not recommend this p

HomeBrand Newborn

Latest review: Hubby bought these this afternoon and I put one on this evening. Baby had a poo explosion and the nappy leaked very badly as if she was not wearing any nappy. I had to clean everything, this is the

Woolworths Select Adult Cat Food

Latest review: This product is waste of money as my non-fussy cat refuses to eat it, preferring to go hungry..I will not buy this

Woolworths Select Dry

Latest review: We have been using woolworths brand fig biscuits for a few years but recently our dogs had vomiting and diarrhea for a week.. we tried everything thinking it was another good product but after just

Woolworths Select Cat Litter Crystals

Latest review: Woolworths select crystals cat litter : letter to esther han smh: interesting article you wrote on unsafe products at woolies recently. I had my own conversation with a woolworths pet product

Homebrand Stain Remover Spray & Wash

Latest review: This is terrible...smells bad and adds more stains than it removes.. Stain remover is suppose to do just that.. I followed the directions and it left big white marks like beach stains all over the

Woolworths Chocolate Eclair

Latest review: I bought two eclairs. I don’t eat this sort of food often but I was looking forward to my treat. It was the worst eclair I have ever eaten. No flavour at all. I could have spread the cream on the c

Woolworths Creamy Chicken Bacon & Leek Pie

Latest review: This was one of the worst pies I've ever tasted. It came grossly over packaged in a thick, totally unnecessary plastic base. I will never buy a pie from Woolworths

Woolworths Cottage Pie

Latest review: All Woolworths Homestyle meals use plastic film that just isn't removable by conventional means. It just tears off at the point where it's joined to the container. You can try cutting it from the

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