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LG GB-450

Latest review: We’ve had this fridge for 1 and a 1/2 years now and it has consistently kept everything cold. The fridge is a good size for us as we have someone living with us and it fits everything very w

LG OLED C7T Series

Latest review: I purchased a 70 inch LG television and am delighted with it. It is the best T V. l've ever had.. Being a smart T.V.with Utube makes it unbeatable ..the HD picture is sharp and true colour ..as is

LG NeoChef MS4296

Latest review: Cons: - The inverter magnetron obliterates 2.4ghz wifi signals. If you don't suffer this issue, you're either not using 2.4ghz wifi, or your devices which use 2.4ghz wifi are kept far away from

LG GS-L668 (668L, Side by Side)

Latest review: 668 litres, non plumbed ice and water dispenser, keeps great even temperature and has great sized compartments. It looks great in our upgraded kitchen and matches all our other stainless steel

Sony WH-1000XM3

Latest review: Great sound. Great Bluetooth connection. No issue with the product. I'm just not very used to wear a relative heavy headset for a long time. I prefer the in-ear ones. Just personal

LG GS-B680 (687L, Side by Side)

Latest review: I have now had this fridge for three years and it has performed pretty well all this time but a few things are a bit annoying. The outside of the fridge appears to dent easily, its very thin. This

LG NeoChef MS2596

Latest review: Bought this microwave oven for my mum to replace the old one. It is sleek, classy and heats food quickly and evenly. I would have preferred one in black for maximum sleekness. The touch controls are

LG GT-442

Latest review: Purchased this fridge from the good guys for $890 including the delivery. Very good fridge, considering the size and capacity of the fridge. Been working good until now. Compared with the samsung

LG V20

Latest review: I have this phone neearly a year now, never have big issue with it. I like the 2nd screen on the top, software OS automatic update few times, did not have any issues. I have dropped it from pocket

LG WTG8520

Latest review: Disappointed at its rigid settings. Wool washes cannot be changed from warm - I always use cold for woollies. Also I have washing on the line that is wet from the rain - I can't put it in the

Sony MDR-ZX110NC

Latest review: Purchased these headphones in the hopes of making it easier to listen to content while flying. The noise cancelling function does make a notable difference when turned on, I would say it cuts about

Sony X7000E Series

Latest review: I've had the same problem with dead pixels, bought at harvey norman with extended warranty, complaint goes to a company aligned to sony, they tell me they're going to replace the TV, Sony say


Latest review: I purchase one from Ebay Australia, figure out the reception indoors is poor i am usually unavailable, i changed my sim three times to different providers all the same

LG CordZero A9

Latest review: Replaced my Dyson V6 with this and the LG is miles in front. Can't comment on how it compares to the V8/10/11. Suction is excellent and picks up pet hair really well. Excellent on tiles and handles

LG GB-310

Latest review: Here is what I like about my new fridge - * Temperature controls etc are at the front of the fridge when you open the door. Instead of crammed at the back behind your food. Digital config! Nice.

LG 515L with Door Cooling

Latest review: The fridge works fine and has plenty of shelf room. I purchased it on line (from local shop) based on the specs, next time I will go to the retailer and have a good look. The things I don't like

LG B7T Series

Latest review: Purchased this TV at the end of 2017. Was great for the first 15 months or so, then noticed image retention started to appear quite suddenly from anything red. This became very severe across the

LG WTG6532W / WTG7532W / WTG8532WH / WTG9532WH / WTG9532VH

Latest review: Nightmare started 4 weeks out of warranty. Got to spin cycle, with a small light load of clothes and it made a gurring noise of a stuck motor. No movement and smell of burning. Waiting for a

Sony X7500F Series

Latest review: Easy to upload apps you desire and the wifi connectivity was simple. There are ample ports. No problems of any sort in the setup procedure, clear instructions and manual

LG MS4266

Latest review: Firstly, took 3 examples of this microwave to get one that worked properly. Bought from Good Guys. First one didn't heat properly maybe operating only 30% of power and food was coming out uncooked.

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