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Philips Premium Digital Airfryer

Air FryersPhilips Premium Digital Airfryer · includes 5 listings

4.5 from 320 reviews

Latest review: We bought the HD9656/93 model from Costco in April 2020. We’ve been using it almost daily. Can’t complain. Big enough for a family of four (two young kids below 10). Easy to use. Great service too. Th

Philips Premium Analog Airfryer

Air FryersPhilips Premium Analog Airfryer · includes 4 listings

4.5 from 142 reviews

Latest review: We bought this to replace a t-fal actify which we can't find anymore, which lasted us for 8 years and various replacement parts that wore out. This airfryer compared to the actrify: 1. Big, bulky,

Philips Airfryer XXL Smart Digital HD9861/99
  • Award Winner 2021
  • 2020

Air FryersPhilips Airfryer XXL Smart Digital HD9861/99

4.7 from 66 reviews

Latest review: No question this AF is expensive compared to others. However it is also excellent compared to others. It is the forth AF I have owned. The first one I got was a cheap $79 one from KMart and it was

Philips Original Airfryer
  • Award Winner 2021

Air FryersPhilips Original Airfryer · includes 3 listings

4.4 from 145 reviews

Latest review: Output using suggested cooking methodology does not compare with traditional cooking and clean up is far more than clean up of the same dish using traditional cooking methods Price of the appliance

Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro/Ultra

Electric Toothbrushes & FlossersPhilips Sonicare AirFloss Pro/Ultra · includes 10 listings

4.2 from 308 reviews

Airfloss Pro is an interdental cleaner that uses air and water or mouthwash to displace pieces of food stuck between the teeth and is proven to remove plaque.

  • Good for those with dental fixtures

  • Easy to use

  • Effective

  • Can use with water or mouthwash

  • Can be harsh on sensitive teeth

  • Expensive

  • Can break after a short time

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

Electric Toothbrushes & FlossersPhilips Sonicare DiamondClean · includes 7 listings

4.2 from 263 reviews

A premium smart electric toothbrush which has 5 cleaning modes and a 3 week battery life.

  • 3 week battery life

  • 5 brushing modes

  • USB travel case

  • Smart app feature

  • Premium price

  • Brush heads are expensive to replace

  • Tends to break after 1-2 years

Philips Original All-In-One Multi-Cooker HD2237/72
  • Award Winner 2021
  • 2020

Slow Cookers, Multi Cookers and Pressure CookersPhilips Original All-In-One Multi-Cooker HD2237/72

4.4 from 91 reviews

Undoubtedly a popular pick, the $239 Philips Original AIO Multi Cooker allows you to slow cook, pressure cook, saute, sear, steam and bake, all using one ultra-effective kitchen appliance.

  • Makes delicious dishes

  • Wide range of cooking functions

  • Generous 6-litre capacity

  • Inner cooking pot isn’t durable

Sunbeam Pie Magic

Pie MakersSunbeam Pie Magic · includes 4 listings

4.2 from 116 reviews

Latest review: Love it. Makes pie sooo quick. I’ve done lots. Meat, chicken, pasty, apple, berry. Cooks so quick. Love it. Can’t fault this. Had it 2 months. Join pastry together so minimum was

Sunbeam Mini Barista EM4300

    Semi-Automatic and Manual Coffee MachinesSunbeam Mini Barista EM4300 · includes 2 listings

    3.9 from 257 reviews

    Latest review: It's a decent machine... When it works. I've gone through 2 of these machines in the last 3 years. Both broke down. And the service from Sunbeam is abysmal. After logging the issue with them and

    Philips L'OR Barista Latte
    • Award Winner 2020

    Capsule / Coffee Pod MachinesPhilips L'OR Barista Latte · includes 2 listings

    4.6 from 46 reviews

    Latest review: Purchased Nov19. Pretty good at making espresso type coffee. Milk attachment not that great, mostly froth style. Slightly better if I remove the whisk bit. Jan 21, pods are no longer being pierced,

    Sunbeam Cafe Series Espresso EM7000

    Semi-Automatic and Manual Coffee MachinesSunbeam Cafe Series Espresso EM7000 · includes 5 listings

    3.9 from 224 reviews

    Latest review: Had EM7000 for two years and always love it. During covid we also added the grinder as my partner and I would each have at least 3 coffee per day. However the machine run into some issue one month

    Sunbeam Compact Cafe Grill GR8210

      Grills and Sandwich PressesSunbeam Compact Cafe Grill GR8210

      4.3 from 55 reviews

      Latest review: The old one went bang yesterday and blew the fuses. No problem with the electrical output but something wrong with the grill. It had been working perfectly but had been getting more use lately! I

      Sunbeam Infinity 40cm FA8900

      Standalone FansSunbeam Infinity 40cm FA8900

      3.9 from 96 reviews

      As the highest-rated pedestal fan, the Infinity Fan provides all-over oscillation, which Sunbeam describes as moving air ‘up, down and all around.’ But what exactly does this mean?

      Sunbeam Cafe Barista EM5000

      Semi-Automatic and Manual Coffee MachinesSunbeam Cafe Barista EM5000 · includes 2 listings

      3.7 from 152 reviews

      Latest review: This coffee machine is obnoxiously loud and produces inconsistent cups of coffee(sometimes will make a full cup, sometimes will only fill up half way) with varying heat, the froth dial is basically

      Sunbeam Barista Max EM5300

      Semi-Automatic and Manual Coffee MachinesSunbeam Barista Max EM5300 · includes 2 listings

      3.7 from 122 reviews

      Latest review: Fantastic coffee machine! I'm a latte drinker so use the frother daily also. It seriously makes the best cafe shop style coffee and tops any nasty "nespresso" machine. Worth the investment and easy

      Sunbeam SecretChef HP4520 / HP5520

      Slow CookersSunbeam SecretChef HP4520 / HP5520 · includes 2 listings

      3.7 from 129 reviews

      Latest review: I actually wanted to also review the egg cooker and slow cooker but there's no option for their egg cooker. The slow cooker is amazing we bought ours close to ten years ago and it's still working

      Philips PowerPro Compact Bagless

      Barrel Vacuum CleanersPhilips PowerPro Compact Bagless · includes 6 listings

      3.8 from 72 reviews

      Latest review: Have installed the foam that separates the motor and dust container incorrectly but have since reinstalled it correctly. Have also cleared the dust container of bigger items. Its working

      Philips Original Pasta & Noodle Maker HR2375/13

      Automatic Pasta MakersPhilips Original Pasta & Noodle Maker HR2375/13

      4.5 from 29 reviews

      Latest review: Bought this machine after it was recommended by a friend. If you use the measuring cup provided the pasta come out perfect everytime. One thing to bear in mind is that the pasta 'dough' will only

      Sunbeam Mixmaster HeatSoft JM7000

      Handheld Food MixersSunbeam Mixmaster HeatSoft JM7000

      4.8 from 22 reviews

      Latest review: I bought the Sunbeam JM7000 from DJ'S Adelaide in April 2020 and was pleased with the natty packaging which allowed me to store everything in a plastic box. Was also pleased with the heat button that

      Sunbeam Piccolo Espresso EM2800

      Semi-Automatic and Manual Coffee MachinesSunbeam Piccolo Espresso EM2800

      3.6 from 84 reviews

      Latest review: Literally the worst customer service experience. TLDR; If your machine is broken (even if just out of the box) might as well give up. Sunbeam's customer service would get you to cut the cords and

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