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Jumpflex Trampolines

Latest review: Bought this for grandkids 10 & 5 yr...they love it...It took abt 3 hrs to put together. Still cannot get the last pole in net.. maybe we're just wimps....broke off a couple velcro ties probably from

Koala Mattress

Latest review: Have needed a new mattress for about a year now but most were too expensive and finally found one in my price range and what a good decision, no more tossing and turning or waking with a sore back.

Leitner Electric Folding Bicycle

Latest review: I did a lot of research and decided the the Leitner Super T was the best choice. I received it promptly last week and it is more than I had hoped for. It assembled easily. I had a problem figuring

Britax Safe-n-Sound Millenia SICT

Latest review: I have used this seat for 2 months now and baby sleeps in the seat every time he is in the car. I must say that means the seat is very comfortable. I know this brand goes above and beyond the

Calming Blanket Weighted Blanket

Latest review: My daughter said the heavy protective blanket used for X-Rays at the dentist was very soothing. And I thought - what a shame you can't buy anything like that. But now you

Euca Laundry Powder

Latest review: We have been using Euca laundry powder for about five years now. Because it is all natural with no fillers, I am able to use it to wash all our clothes including very dirty work clothes worn on the

Zzz Atelier Mattress Range

Latest review: Mattress was not very comfortable until we added a memory foam topper - now it is good. It is hard to handle (no handles for lifting to change sheets etc.) It was cheap so I think it is well worth

SAS Hair Straightener

Latest review: This straightener, so far, is the best I had for my hair. It does not grip my hair like other straightener, it glides over my hair smoothly! It is also cheaper than other brands. You will not be

Marce Blanc Mattress

Latest review: This is our fourth time buying this mattress, it started with my own one, kids ones, mum’s... and will get another two for the kids replacement once they have stocks again for single(we replace our m

OmniBlend V

Latest review: Had the omnibend for 2 weeks, and it amazing. I do vegetable juice every morning, blends to a smooth juice, usu kale, carrots, apples, beetroot, celery, cucumber, ginger & lots more. Better than my

Koala Timber Bed Base

Latest review: Assemble my 11yr old did this in 20 mins Creaks a little but has to settle in place just pleased I no longer have back ache. Wake up feeling awake and

UPPAbaby Vista

Latest review: one of the biggest baskets in the market, a fabulous bassinet option for newborns, fwd and rear facing with a great uv shade yet it is compact light and

Kleenex Viva Glass & Mirror Wipes

Latest review: These wipes are the PERFECT household cleaner - not just for glass!! Many times in the wash and they are like new. Found these little miracles about 8 years ago - nothing compares - please bring

BabyBjorn Travel Cot

Latest review: Packing and unpacking a travel cot can be a total pain, up there with fiddly child seats, complicated high chairs etc.. The Baby Bjorn travel cot is the easiest travel cot we have used - easy to set

Luxe Fitness Fat Burning Protein

Latest review: there was so much undissolved particles left in this protein shake. there were no correction whatsoever from the company, after contacting me and i provided them a reason. STRONGLY SUGGEST to NOT

EvoHeat EVO270

Latest review: Works great right from install now for three months. Consumes 0.95kW/hr from my daytime solar to heat 270L of water from cold to 60C in just over two hours. Don’t waste money on vacuum tube solar HWS

Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric

Latest review: I was happy with the pump for first baby, used it for several months. However, when I got the pump out for baby #2 2.5years later to find it is not suctioning properly, I tried new parts but still

MicroCloud Pillows

Latest review: I've been searching for sometime for the perfect pillow - like at 5 star hotels. I was so disappointed in the MicroCloud hotel pillow. As other reviews have stated, it was very flat (not fluffy) and

Redsbaby Skip

Latest review: The Skip is a great, small alternative to a larger pram. It is small, light weight & easy to use. Been great for the grandparents. I wish the handles could lengthen though. We own a Jive 2 and loved

Eva Mattress

Latest review: We really enjoyed this mattress when we purchased it. However, over the last 3 months mattress started to feel hard and seems to have compacted. We shouldn’t have had to do so as the mattress s

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