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ALDI Expressi Machine

Latest review: Excellent value for money. Coffee tastes great, smooth and not bitter at all. Very consistent taste and temperature, just wait a couple of minutes before making the next cup. Easy to clean.

Coles Dry Fit Convenience

Latest review: I surprised that this nappy is not available anymore. Never once had a leak. Best for other day and night time. More settled baby due to nil leakage.happy mum n dad. The best nappy I have used so

ALDI Noise Cancelling Headphones

Latest review: We have only used our headphones whilst travelling on 2 long flights, recently. We were both very happy that they performed as we expected. Quite comfy to wear too. The price was great. As I said,

Coles Organic Fairtrade Gold Freeze Dried

Latest review: Reiterating what others have already said: this is a genuinely excellent replacement for the old Moccona No 5 (and, needless to say, light years ahead of the disastrous new version of that product).

ALDI Heated Throw

Latest review: This is my second winter with the Aldi electric throw. Our house had ducted reverse cycle aircon, which is great when you are up and about, but over the top for when you’re being a couch potato. I

Coles Ice Cream Premium 1L

Latest review: My first reaction!!! (Big eyes) ”finally someone decided to copy Häagen Dazs”. Despite they used very similar ingredientes, the taste, oh my! The taste of the chunks of caramel is awful. Sickly sweet

ALDI Air Fryer

Latest review: We purchased this air fryer recently, we have had many other brands but the Alfa one is far superior. Due to the size and accurate heat it cooks great. Many

ALDI Bauhn 4K Ultra HD

Latest review: how do you still sell the same type of TV, same thing different year. ChromeCast included? dont want to use a HDMI port! even kogan have TVs with netflix and 4K apps. horrible TV. ALDI you are 4

Coles Baby Ultra Dry

Latest review: After loosing the plot every morning for 2 weeks because my son was wetting through his huggies nappies, we decided to buy these. I had been given some samples at a baby expo but had forgotten who

ALDI Estelle Mattress In A Box

Latest review: Great, cheap mattress albeit being very stiff. Very little padding. We bought a foam mattress topper to put on top of it because it was too firm for us. It's awesome now with that on top and still

Expressi Milk Frother

Latest review: Baught this one and it broke within 6 months. Aldi didn't wsnt to replace without reciept, which who keeps them ? Disappointed. Its clearly a brand that only aldi sells.

ALDI Rocket Blender

Latest review: I bought this blender two years ago for $35 and couldn't have been happier with it. I worked it really hard, using it twice a day: with frozen berries and kale to make smoothies in the morning and a

Coles Nappies

Latest review: I have used many nappies over the years and this is by far has been the most atrocious product. It seems to be unable to hold anything in. You end up with a dry nappy and a wet child and bed. Very

ALDI Vacuum Food Sealer

Latest review: I bought this because we often fill the freezer with a whole sheep etc. It worked great for the first one and then died. Wouldn't suck the air out. Not very helpful when you have 14kg of steak to bag

Coles Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Latest review: Why do you no longer make this

Coles Smart Buy Laundry Powder & Liquid

Latest review: Unbelievable washing ability for stains and freshness. Its unbelievable to think that it coast only $1.50. I bought it on holiday to wash some clothes and WHAT a

ALDI Microwave Range

Latest review: We've been using this convection/microwave oven since the start of 2016. It have preformed very well. I did have to get to know its characteristics and adjust my expectations of microwave strength

Coles Belgian Milk

Latest review: I haven't tried this product since they changed the size/packaging, so I'm wondering if the taste has changed too, because there's something about the taste of it now that I really don't enjoy: an

ALDI Bauhn Full HD TV

Latest review: Picture and sound were so good l tried to buy one with 50 or 55inch screen asked aldi if they were coming out and was told the are not sure if or when ,so l and some other friends are waiting till

ALDI Electric Blanket

Latest review: It's ok but takes a long time to heat up. Better than being cold though! Price was reasonable but I will be buying a different brand soon. We have two in our household and same story. Slow to heat

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