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ALDI Expressi Machine

Latest review: This coffee machine is great value for money. Very easy to use and I like the fact that the coffee is always hot. Very happy with this machine. Highly recommend

ALDI Noise Cancelling Headphones

Latest review: They are brilliant for the price. They are comfortable to wear with soft ear pads and not heavy, works perfectly with all my bluetooth devices and phone mic as well. Can comfortably go about my work

ALDI Heated Throw

Latest review: There are 3 setting on my grey/silver throw rug. At first I didnt think it was working... l kept feeling the top of the throw rug for heat but when l lifted up the throw rug, l realised my chair was

ALDI Air Fryer

Latest review: The ALDI Ambiano Air Fryer is the first Air Fryer i have ever purchased it fryes chips perfectly I even fryed chicken wings and it was great l highly recommend

ALDI Estelle Mattress In A Box

Latest review: The Posturepedic mattress was giving both my wife and I severe lower backache no matter our sleeping positions. Darling daughter raved about her new Tempur mattress but I could not justify the huge

ALDI Bauhn 4K Ultra HD

Latest review: TV is functional with all the basic necessities but no frills. not entirely compatable with other streaming platforms than chromecast. Still worth the money for the basic product you

Omo Ultimate

Latest review: For a general wash of any and all items, this gives the absolute best clean. Smells great and clothes come out sparkling and stain free. Love this, prepared to pay

Expressi Milk Frother

Latest review: I really like this milk frother. I purchased the Kmart brand and it stopped working after about half a dozen times of using it. So far the Aldi frother has been great and I've had no issues with

ALDI Clothes Dryer

Latest review: I got this dryer as a house warming present. I use this dryer for small items such as socks and knickers during winter. One hour on heat and they are all dry.This dryer also sense's moisture somehow

ALDI Rocket Blender

Latest review: I bought this blender two years ago for $35 and couldn't have been happier with it. I worked it really hard, using it twice a day: with frozen berries and kale to make smoothies in the morning and a

ALDI Petrol Mower

Latest review: At 11th/Sep/2018 I purchased this Aldi Lawn Mower (61866) MS196-52E with electric start and self propelled. Although it is a heavy mower, but I love the electric start makes so easy to start the

ALDI Vacuum Food Sealer

Latest review: This started well, sure the option of cutting your own bag size is an advantage. Length of fully operation time is less than the year warranty given. Though in the beginning was functioning well,

ALDI Microwave Range

Latest review: Very happy with the Ambiano 34Litre Microwave oven with grill.Has all the features I was looking for including sequential cooking,timer,sensor cooking,quickstart etc. Looks very stylish with

ALDI Bauhn Full HD TV

Latest review: Great picture with easy remote control Wireless connection works very easy to use and enough HDMI ports to connect amplifier and blue ray player.Simply good value for what it cost to

Omo Sensitive

Latest review: I have been buying OMO for 40 years - well, no more. Just opened the packet and I am itching all over. There is perfume in this SENSITIVE OMO, and it says gentle on skin. Who would ruin the best

ALDI Electric Blanket

Latest review: Heats up fast and on setting 3 it’s super hot so I just use setting 1 about half an hour before bed and it’s so beautiful and toasty, would rec

Omo Powder / Liquid

Latest review: Have used a couple of brand and found the omo liquid cleans cloths very well and leave fresh smell on cloths!also my sons dirty cloths and my towels never been this much clean when i used to use

ALDI Ceiling Fan

Latest review: Very good value fan with quiet dc motor, led light and remote control. As an installer, they are great to install. Arlen have stepped up with their fans compared to their older

ALDI Six Burner BBQ

Latest review: Best thing about this barby we purchased from Aldi in 2016 was the price. We have used it extensively near the coast where rust is a problem that attacked every nut, bolt and screw on the thing and

ALDI Push Mower

Latest review: I do like the fact that it is much easier to use that a petrol mower. when my lawn was quit new it worked perfectly but as the grass grew and became much thicker the wheels started to slip and in

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