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ALDI Ceiling Fan

Latest review: Very good value fan with quiet dc motor, led light and remote control. As an installer, they are great to install. Arlen have stepped up with their fans compared to their older

ALDI Handheld Vacuum

Latest review: Purchased on the weekend and just steam cleaned 35 sq m of textured floor tiles. I used to need two buckets, a bristle brush and a mop to do this job. It was tiresome, messy and required a lot of

ALDI Six Burner BBQ

Latest review: Best thing about this barby we purchased from Aldi in 2016 was the price. We have used it extensively near the coast where rust is a problem that attacked every nut, bolt and screw on the thing and

ALDI Push Mower

Latest review: I do like the fact that it is much easier to use that a petrol mower. when my lawn was quit new it worked perfectly but as the grass grew and became much thicker the wheels started to slip and in

ALDI Professional Blender

Latest review: The blender was purchase 18 months ago but now trips the mains power fuse when on. Aldi have promised to refund the cost of the blender which seemed robust and was able to handle solids and liquids

ALDI Electric Ovens

Latest review: This is my 3rd oven in 13 years the previous being a Kleenmaid which was utter rubbish and the second being a no-name brand from Bunnings. To be fair the Kleenmaid came with the house and was in

ALDI Pressure Washer

Latest review: Only used it for 15 mins max, started smoking. Turned off and unplugged, and the smoke continued to get worse. Then it burst into flames, underneath, and was on

Coolabah (Aldi) Four Burner Stainless Steel Hooded

Latest review: Just bought this 4 burner BBQ for $360 from Aldi. The side burner has such a high but weak gas flame that cooking a stir fry is not possible.. Haven't yet used the BBQ just the side burner. So

ALDI Bauhn Soundbar

Latest review: We stopped using this because of the sound and picture mismatch despite connecting it through all available modes. The sound seems to lag behind the picture on television. So we only use it to play

ALDI Front Load

Latest review: The 6kg barrel will 'just' wash a large queen sized blanket but not a queen sized quilt unfortunately. It can wash a load of clothes in 15 minutes which is super helpful for people short of time and

Aldi Fabric Bed Frame

Latest review: Bed seemed ok until I noticed how weak the slats are. Im a light weight, so is my wife. So Aldi are we expected to buy a seperate decent bed to be intimate on. I own a great mattress but the bed

ALDI Panel Heater

Latest review: I found this not suitable as a heater, only really good for a very small room & long useage. I needed something to heat the room faster. The wooden panel heats & distributes the

Aldi Soft Close Toilet Seat

Latest review: Like other reviewers, the plastic inserts are too wide for our stock-standard Aussie toilet bowel; I got around it by trimming the 4 little plastic "fins" off each insert with a pocket knife. One

ALDI Food Processor

Latest review: This lasted me a month then the plastic bowl portion broke to the point of not being usable. Contacted company a while back and have had to receive a

Aldi Easy Home Garment Steamer

Latest review: The Aldi garment steamer is what everybody needs, if looking your best counts. This appliance takes no time to seam out creases and wrinkles of your clothes. If you don’t require a pressed crease t

ALDI Ceramic Tower

Latest review: Bought this from Aldi, and it's been a great unit. It has 2 heat settings with an adjustable thermostat. It also has a safety tip-over switch. The unit is rather compact and is great in a

Aldi Farmdale Fresh 2L Full Cream Milk

Latest review: This milk is exactly how you would expect full cream dairy milk to taste and feel. It's exactly like the premium brands but with a much more attractive price. They have excellent use-by dates, are

Aldi Halloumi Fries

Latest review: I got this new Aldi product as I love halloumi but the fries are soooooo yummy, I just put in the oven and 10 min later I was in

Aldi Tens Machine

Latest review: You have to pick the right mode and strength for the right injury. There are three modes: TENS, Massage, and EMS: * TENS is for pain relief. * Massage is for ??? * EMS is for muscle stimulation. I

Aldi 29er Performance Mountain Bike

Latest review: Another version of the Aldi 29-er is being sold this week, so here are my comments after a year of owning last year's model. The bike is easy to put together out of the box if you know your way

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