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Apple iPad (5th Generation)

Latest review: I use it for personal use and my children also have educational apps on there. Great to put movies on in the car for long trips. Easy to use and

Apple iPad Pro (2nd Generation)

Latest review: Bought refurbished Ipad Pro from Costco, very happy with my decision. Ipad pro 2, light and not hot . To write a note, watch Netflix, organize daily activity and daily

Philips Viva Collection Air Fryer

Latest review: I can not explain how much I absolutely love these airfryers. We will use it at least once per day and it has a permanent spot on our kitchen bench. I originally purchase the smaller viva airfryer.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Latest review: Bought this phone and within 2 weeks I noticed the battery would only last 2 hours before needing a recharge. This phone cost me a lot of money!!! NOT

Apple iPad mini 4

Latest review: Just an over priced internet viewer all new apps won’t work because of all the rediculous updates outdating the device. Scam don’t waste your money I have three and there all useless for apps now

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Latest review: Love my iPhone 8+ I converted from a Samsung and love love love it! Easy to use, great style and does everything I need it to. Camera quality is amazing and you can edit the photos on your phone.

Apple AirPods

Latest review: I listen to a variety of music which all sound great. Very clear and loud. I use them while I work out and they are great for any kind of workout. Very satisfied with the wireless range as

Philips Digital Turbostar HD9643/17

Latest review: I have had the product for approx 6 months. I don’t know how I managed to make quick meals on the go that is still reasonable healthy before this purchase. As a mum on the run with two kids the has b

Apple iPhone X

Latest review: have had it for a year loved all my apple products but have to say this one has a ink blotch on the screen and a ink blotch line on the right side havent taken it into apple yet but will need too at

Apple iPhone 7

Latest review: I've always been an apple fan. Love bug screen quality of the camera. Great storage. Apps installed are great and app store has lots to choose from. Good volume and well made with lots of

Apple iPad (6th Generation)

Latest review: The main reasons I bought this ipad were for music production apps, illustration (using apple pencil equivalent) and watching stuff on the plane. I have a lot of non-apple products that I use with

Apple Watch Series 3

Latest review: I love this when I lose my phone or watch it comes in handy both ways with its sensor I sometimes find it annoying to use but I love it with the tracking of steps heart rate

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

Latest review: Although this is an expensive toothbrush I am extremely pleased with my investment. Unlike other toothbrushes I researched, this one has a multitude of features. The ones I like best are the speed

Apple iPhone 8

Latest review: I love the size of this phone because it’s easier to see everything. The camera takes high quality photos. I love the fact that I can have multiple apps open and easily switch from one to the other w

Philips All-In-One Cooker HD2237/72

Latest review: own quite a lot of appliances but my Philips AIO is definitely amongst my favourites. Love the versatility of the appliance, it's made cooking so much easier with the slow cooking allowing me to set

Philips Sonicare AirFloss Ultra

Latest review: I bought the Philips flosser on the advice of my dentist and it does a good job at flossing between teeth. However the first one failed after 6 months. It was replaced by the agent but then the

Philips Daily Collection Air Fryer

Latest review: Today I brought a Phillips Daily Air Fryer HD/81. Was very disappointed when I opened it up to find there was no recipe book and no instructions on how to use this product. I was so excited to

Philips Avance Collection Airfryer

Latest review: We are pleasantly surprised by the functions & ability of the airfryer to cook a diverse range of products. Cakes in a 20cm round tin are cooked to perfection in much quicker times than the oven.

Apple Watch Series 4

Latest review: I have previously used couple of Android smart watches. However I couldn't feel those as smart watches. I bought Apple Watch 4 (GPS version) at Apple store for $599. Yes price was/is expensive. But

Philips All-In-One Cooker HD2137/72

Latest review: Only had this machine since Christmas 2018 I use it all the time. Now showing E04 need to go in for repair NOT HAPPY AT ALL I want a replacement not a repair Hoping to get a response from a philips

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