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Mazda 3

Hatchbacks and SedansMazda 3 · includes 43 listings

4.2 from 484 reviews

Latest review: I have taken a lot of car for my car and only twice has it stopped and required a new battery . Very minimal issues with the car. 1st the aircon vents I have had one come apart 2nd the cd player is

Mazda 6

Wagons, Hatchbacks and SedansMazda 6 · includes 12 listings

4.3 from 194 reviews

Latest review: I purchased my 2006 Mazda 6 GG (series 2) Classic Sports 6 speed manual sedan 18 months ago with around 75000km. I have driven it for a further 35000km and it has been outstanding for it's 14 years

Mazda 2

Hatchbacks and SedansMazda 2 · includes 16 listings

4.3 from 175 reviews

Latest review: This vehicle is used mainly to travel to the University on daily basis and for local run arounds. This vehicle is very light on fuel and is only 6 months old and the interior still smells like a new

Mazda CX-5

Midsize / Medium SUVsMazda CX-5 · includes 16 listings

4.0 from 287 reviews

Latest review: This car is great for both my wife and I with one little fella 1 year old. Perfect size to fit a car seat in and a pram and some shopping in the back. Should be big enough for two kids and two car

Mazda CX-9

Large / 7 Seater SUVsMazda CX-9 · includes 12 listings

4.1 from 122 reviews

Latest review: This car is a great pleasure to drive. The interior is high end and luxurious! Been an excellent car, no problems, great value. response from the 2.5 turbo engine, definitely drives like a sports

Mazda CX-3 DK

Small / Compact SUVsMazda CX-3 DK (2015-2020) · includes 22 listings

4.0 from 66 reviews

Latest review: In the past 12 months we have had two of these. Both used mostly for running around town and occasional trip from Canberra to Sydney. Both fine around town but each long trip has had issues with

Audi A3

Convertibles, Hatchbacks and SedansAudi A3 · includes 42 listings

4.1 from 52 reviews

Latest review: Since I was a kid I always liked the AUDI style and finally this year I had to possibility to get one my self Audi A3 Sportback. Wooow the car is just fantastic ,best leather seats, great consolle,

Mazda MX-5

ConvertiblesMazda MX-5 · includes 4 listings

4.2 from 34 reviews

Latest review: I look after a 2017 Mazda Mx5 (2 litre) and the battery goes flat continually after 2/3 week of non driving. The owner lives overseas and I drive it every 1-2 weeks. I had the car back to the dealer

Audi A4

Convertibles, Wagons and SedansAudi A4 · includes 17 listings

3.5 from 71 reviews

Latest review: My A4 has been a great car- I am definitely a convert to Audi. My next car will be an Audi too- but probably the sexier looking A5 next

Mazda BT-50

UtesMazda BT-50 · includes 8 listings

3.1 from 273 reviews

Latest review: The standard wheel nuts used with BT50 alloy wheels will wear over time (see photo below). This wear is caused by the rattle gun used by tyre shops. The rattle gun wears the chrome cover on the

Audi Q7

Large / 7 Seater SUVsAudi Q7 · includes 8 listings

3.4 from 47 reviews

Latest review: We bought our 2014 4.2 TDI V8 as a low Klm Demo from Audi Sydney, where both the pre and post sales service was excellent. 5 years and 142,000 Klms later (and with a little sadness) we said goodbye

Audi Q3

Small / Compact SUVsAudi Q3 (2012-2020) · includes 5 listings

4.0 from 22 reviews

Latest review: I use my car for dropping kids off at school, groceries and even on annual holidays interstate. It’s comfortable and has many features including park assist and in built massage seats for the front. T

Audi Q5

Midsize / Medium SUVsAudi Q5 · includes 19 listings

2.9 from 52 reviews

Latest review: We bought the Audi Q5 new and as a family car. After the first 6,000kms it has been riddled with massive problems. It has cost us thousands and thousands of dollars each year. Every time we drive it

Audi TT

Sports Cars and ConvertiblesAudi TT (2006-2020) · includes 10 listings

4.3 from 12 reviews

Latest review: Really great car. Audi Springwood were awesome about the sale. No issues anywhere and a decent deal on the car. The dual-clutch gearbox is nice, but on a cold morning trying to put along slowly to

Audi A5

Sports Cars, Convertibles and HatchbacksAudi A5 · includes 13 listings

3.6 from 11 reviews

Latest review: Do not buy an Audi. My car is a complete lemon that Audi doesn’t want to acknowledge. My experience was not worthy of a so-called ‘prestige’ or ‘luxury’ brand where you would expect accompanying exce

Mazda CX-8

Large / 7 Seater SUVsMazda CX-8 (2018-2020) · includes 3 listings

5.0 from 6 reviews

Latest review: It is very spacious 7 seater family car with lots of safety features. Driver can see in front of wind screen speed limit of the road, car’s own speed etc. it has nice music system, automatic breaking

Audi Q2

Small / Compact SUVsAudi Q2

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: I recently purchased a Q2 which has all the features of the larger models of Audi SUV's. It is a delight to drive but does not have a bulk or the larger

Audi SQ5

Midsize / Medium SUVsAudi SQ5 (2013-2020) · includes 4 listings

5.0 from 4 reviews

Latest review: Unbelievable performance from a SUV. It's a 2013 model bought second hand with 60k on the clock. Had a hayman reece towbar fitted and intend to tow a campervan. Have driven it with 5 passengers

Audi RS4

Convertibles, Wagons and SedansAudi RS4 · includes 4 listings

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Audi RS 4 is a supercar in a sedans clothing. The thumping 4.2 litre V8 engine needs to be heard to be believed - it is both wild and welcomingly resounding with the windows down. With the windows

Audi S4

Wagons and SedansAudi S4 · includes 6 listings

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Audi S4 Avant,this is an extremely practical and sporty car. Understated but so much to like about this car. My previous car was the S5 convertable but difficult to carry the bike and kayak. The

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