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DeLonghi Radia S TRRS0715

Latest review: Brought this one after giving back Dragon 4 series . The heater does not turn off at max thermostat at 6 .. whether its closed room or ventilated room. Manufacturs say keep it on at full power for 2

DeLonghi Icona / Icona Vintage Kettle

Latest review: Kettle and toaster were bought secondhand from a friend moving abroad. Both are used several times a day and the kettle in particular has heavy use. No rust, no spills, pours beautifully and is

DeLonghi F28311

Latest review: A must have if you like to cook your own instead of store bought chips, fish, scallops, chicken nuggets. This has a rotating basket and is super easy to clean. I love home made hot chips and this is

DeLonghi DEDW645 Series

Latest review: 1. This DW works well and is well designed. 2. Third tier cutlery tray was initially weird to use but works perfectly. 3. Lots of people have raised the issue of the DW not drying dishes well, this

DeLonghi Radia S TRRS1224

Latest review: This is a great heater, it gets warm very quickly and can keep a room at a nice temperature at a lower setting. The 2400w really kicks in and makes the room really warm. However this comes with a

DéLonghi Brillante CTJ4003

Latest review: I did promise a year ago to let you know how the third toaster in 18 months had fared. Terrible. Slow from the start, uneven (to the point of burnt one side, frigid the other) and now it has failed

DeLonghi TCH8093ER

Latest review: We picked this up from The Good Guys as a living room heater. The power this little tower has is pretty impressive. We have a medium sized living room that is open plan to a hall way and flows on

DeLonghi La Specialista EC9335M

Latest review: I love this coffee machine. It takes me less than 5 minutes to make a barista style coffee everyday. It is consistent but you can also change the grind and amount yourself with the machine if you are

DeLonghi Brillante Kettle

Latest review: Kettle looks great. Plastic water level indicator has broken down even though it’s out of direct sunlight and disintegrated resulting in us getting scalded trying to use it once b

DeLonghi Icona / Icona Vintage / Icona Elements Toaster

Latest review: We had the same toaster for 5 years and it was great. After an accident, we had to replace it. So we purchased the same one, it wouldn't toast one side at all. took it back a few days later and David

Delonghi DEDW6015

Latest review: Have recently replaced my perfectly good Dishlex with Delonghi so I could give my Dishlex to my daughter and her 5 children. Very satisfied with my choice. Extremely quiet, cleans and dries

DeLonghi PAC WE120HP

Latest review: Really impressed with the performance of this unit, using it in a 42 square metre lounge room with adjoining dining area and and it has dropped the temperature from uncomfortably hot to very

DeLonghi DCH7092ER

Latest review: I bought this as a second heater for my daughters room to heat up the room before bed. It certainly does the job! We only need to turn it on an hour before bedtime and keep the door closed and the

Delonghi Radia S TRRS0920T

Latest review: it is the best choice, if you look are looking for heating your room. probably, it takes 15-20 minutes to warm the room. I am very much satisfied with this heater as it satisfies our winter needs.

DeLonghi DEBETA60 / 70 / 90

Latest review: We have been using this rangehood for last 2 months. The best thing about this rangehood is the suction power at an affordable price point. However it is noisy at the highest

DeLonghi PAC WE18INV

Latest review: I enjoyed the unit for the first 12 months despite it being quite loud and using a lot of electricity. BUT, today during a hot day, I noticed I was still very hot in the room and that it was blowing

DeLonghi Ariadry DDS 25 / DDS 30

Latest review: Works as expected. New Zealand conditions of damp damp and more danp. Not great in cold weather as delonghi rely on a PTC heater instead of HOT GAS DEFROST. I am sure as the oligarchy stipulate we

DeLonghi Distinta Kettle

Latest review: Kettle water leaks out of the level window and colour is coming off. The silver strip around the lower level of kettle is peeling off. Not happy with this products and it is not cheap to buy

DéLonghi DETF115

Latest review: 1. Loud 2. So Loud 3. I paid how much for this fan? I refuse to use it. It’s really bad. Possibly only good if you like jet engines. I don’t even know if it does a good job cooling as I ge

DeLonghi Scultura Toaster

Latest review: Purchased this toaster through Noel Leeming. Just over 12 months later the things started arcing and eventually died. Even before this it was pretty poor at its main job - that is to toast a slice

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