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LG B7T Series

Latest review: Failed boards multiple times and failed yet again. Luckily for me my Samsung Smart TV still goes like a champ after 9 years (that's 9x longer) than the LG

LG 515L with Door Cooling

Latest review: The fridge works fine and has plenty of shelf room. I purchased it on line (from local shop) based on the specs, next time I will go to the retailer and have a good look. The things I don't like

LG WTG6532W / WTG7532W / WTG8532WH / WTG9532WH / WTG9532VH

Latest review: Great washing machine. Have been using it for almost a year without any problem. Cleans well and has many functions like soak, delicate wash, quick wash, quiet wash, tub clean and air dry. The

LG CordZero A9

Latest review: Was very good when working. Stopped turning on after 6 months. Contacted LG and had it sent to the closest repair agent. It's now been 7 weeks since I dropped it off and it's no closer to being

DeLonghi ESAM04110B

Latest review: I had been feeling really guilty about using pods and decided to reduce my carbon footprint. Myer had a sale and I bagged the black one as they did not have the silver finish on sale. I am told

LG MS4266

Latest review: Had this for almost 2 years now and it hasn't missed a beat. Super easy to use with the rotary dial rather than the plastic "did I press it" buttons. Turn the dial and it increments in 10 seconds

Delonghi MultiCuisine FH1396

Latest review: Quick, clean easy to use. No more oil splatters or having to wait around while things cook in the gas oven or on the stove. Just set, start and come back to perfectly cooked vegetables, roasts,

Delonghi HSX3324FTS

Latest review: I bought this heater for my son's tiny bedroom therefore needed something that was slim and unnoticeable to fix to the wall. Never have we needed to turn the heater on full power. On the lowest

DeLonghi Icona Pump Espresso

Latest review: It comes instantly trouble for making coffee, now it leaking the warter from the sides but stop working for the coffee outlet, and it looks not easy to maintain as I can not buy the asssories from

DeLonghi Dragon 4 TRD4 Series

Latest review: I have to start with saying that this heater is amazing for what we want it to do. We are using this heater in our baby room that is maybe 10 square meters. Please keep that in mind upon reading

DeLonghi Silver Pump Espresso EC860M

Latest review: Bought this together with the grinder and have been really enjoying having a coffee every morning. It's really easy to use and get consistent results. With some other machines you need to tamper

LG UJ752T Series

Latest review: Seriously don’t buy this tv. The screen turns all green after 14 months used. We are so disappointed! The aftersales cost so much to bring the technician coming to our place to get a quotation. We d

LG GF-6D725 / GF-D725 (725L, French Door)

Latest review: The fruit and vegetable section is very thin and breaks easily ours is cracked in various areas. The roller housing on the drawers have cracked and now we have no fruit and vegetable section and no

DeLonghi Lattissima Pro EN750MB

Latest review: I am happy with the machine itself. The coffee isn't hot enough. I can't wait for the 2 year warranty to expire so I can try aftermarket pods. I really don't like the Nespresso pods. Anything

DeLonghi HCX9124E

Latest review: Works for a short time (sometimes 2 minutes later, sometimes 2 hours later) then suddenly shuts off and beeps until you switch it off at the wall. Switched off and on at the wall to start again,

DeLonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Stelia EDG635

Latest review: I always had the brand and i tried most of the machines and all the flavors, they all function the same there is not much of difference, however this one looks more attractive and gives more soul

LG Stylus DAB+

Latest review: Lags and freezes constantly and the memory is not expandable so continually having to delete apps to allow others to update. I have a 16gb sd card but the phone can't run apps from there even though

DeLonghi Silver Compact ECAM23460S

Latest review: From day 1: 1) Extra large and large coffee setting only just under half filled standard cup 2) Major large scratches on stainless steel tray - I was advised seconds/refurbs MAY have small marks or

DeLonghi Radia S TRRS0715

Latest review: Brought this one after giving back Dragon 4 series . The heater does not turn off at max thermostat at 6 .. whether its closed room or ventilated room. Manufacturs say keep it on at full power for 2

LG UK6540 Series

Latest review: Replaced my samsung tv with lg and best choice i made so clear better pixel and picture and voice recognition remote. So easy to use and navigate .55 inch and 5 star energy

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