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LG Stylus DAB+

Latest review: Lags and freezes constantly and the memory is not expandable so continually having to delete apps to allow others to update. I have a 16gb sd card but the phone can't run apps from there even though

LG UK6540 Series

Latest review: Replaced my samsung tv with lg and best choice i made so clear better pixel and picture and voice recognition remote. So easy to use and navigate .55 inch and 5 star energy

LG QuadWash

Latest review: Compare water & energy use and time for each cycle before you buy? Forget it!! Not on website, or User manual, or livechat - agent advised that info is not available to them. Unbelievable in this


Latest review: This fridge does maintain temperature well but the freezer drawer always gets stuck and is not user friendly. I had issues with its ice dispenser and when I reported that to their customer service

LG GS-D665 (665L, Side by Side)

Latest review: This is the second LG French door fridge that we've had. After ten years the old one developed a fault - water was dispensed inside the door rather than through the proper spout - but everything

LG NeoChef MJ3966

Latest review: Bought this microwave to replace an old one for our office kitchen. Our office has about 100 staff on the floor so needless to say, this gets used heavily. So far it has held up and no complaints

LG 332L with Door Cooling

Latest review: Wanted (or needed) a fridge that was small enough to fit in an apartment, but large enough to store food (I'm a food hoarder). LG seemed to be recommended amongst many, and the stainless steel look

LG GT-279

Latest review: I bought this fridge purely on the strength of other Product Review comments and it has not disappointed. This is by far the best fridge I have ever bought. It is almost tardis-like in terms of

LG SJ Series

Latest review: I got this soundbar cheap to boost lousy stock flat panel TV audio. Nice bass, pretty nice full range audio considering the cost. Very, very easy set up. It makes you able to "hear" all the talking

LG V30+

Latest review: Great smartphone, 128GB, 2 sims, great price. I like LG smartphones, they are waterproof, great price/quality ratio, 2 sims, the only downside is that the battery capacity could be better. That's not

LG K10

Latest review: Got this phone for my birthday. Run somewhat smoothly at first, but eventually it slowed down drastically. Just to open a photo, it took around 30 sec. The battery life was also horrible. Did not

LG GF-V708 / GF-D708 / GF-L708PL (708L, French Door)

Latest review: I loved the look of this fridge at the retailers, liked the extra room inside due to the ice maker etc. all being mounted in the door unlike the Samsung that houses it in the fridge space. Loved the


Latest review: Purchased in December 2018 and am over it. This machine doesn't dry properly - if you do a sheet set you are in trouble as everything gets caught in a big ball in the fitted sheet, comes out totally

LG WTG1032

Latest review: This machine is absolutely cavernous when you open the lid. I can fit 2 full sets of bed sheets in there for a wash which is wonderful after our last 7.5kg washing machine, the only issue is that it

LG EF950T Series

Latest review: Picture quality was quite good compared with former hitachi tv we had (both 4k). Speakers work but not too impressed with sound quality- have to have it on very high volume when streaming via hdmi.


Latest review: Very happy with LG washing machine. Well built and good quality. Previously was using a Bosch which was good but more expensive than LG. So far no issue with the LG one at

LG TD-C8031E

Latest review: On a rainy day like today, I have been drying washing all day. It took nearly 3 hours per load on a high setting. Sheets & duvets got twisted so tight that they were hard to unbundle and still not

LG UK7550 Series

Latest review: With an old Hitachi 55" plasma panel that wouldn't die after 13 years, but had lost a bit of picture quality, I agonizing over whether I could justify buying a new LED 4K TV. I researched for months


Latest review: I purchased a LG 8kg Heat Pump Dryer from The Good Guys. Although LG refuse to give me a refund. The Good Guys are going to exchange the dryer and take the issue up with LG themselves. who spends


Latest review: Brought Dryer in Oct 2017 Thinking it would be cheaper to run. Worse mistake ever made. This dryer should be taken off market until they sort the problem out as I am not the only one who is

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