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Vileda Easy Wring Mop & Bucket

Mops & BucketsVileda Easy Wring Mop & Bucket

2.8 from 124 reviews

Latest review: Does not squeeze the water out the mop. Waste time pumping, pumping , pumping and pumping and no water is squeezed out. Expensive does not do what advertise it will do.

Vileda UltraMax Mop

Mops & BucketsVileda UltraMax Mop

2.6 from 19 reviews

Latest review: This mop is by far the best mop I have ever used I don't think I could ever go for another type so easy to take off the padding and wash and put back on and the replacements are that costly either

Vileda Super Squeeze Mop

Mops & BucketsVileda Super Squeeze Mop

1.8 from 55 reviews

Latest review: Was a great mop for about 10 years. Sadly it is now discontinued and I can no longer find replacement mop heads for it. Haven't found anything nearly as well designed or built as this was. It left

Vileda Superbrush

Brooms & BrushesVileda Superbrush · includes 2 listings

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: This is the best wash-up I have ever used. A brush with very sturdy bristles that cleans even the worst soiled dish or pot. And the upper tufts on the opposite side of the brush head are perfect for

Vileda SuperMocio Soft Mop

Brooms & BrushesVileda SuperMocio Soft Mop

4.0 from 1 review

Latest review: I never thought much of these mops until I had to use one at a job. Used it with Mr Muscle Floor Cleaner (using less than specified amount) and it is amazing how dirty the water is after mopping.

Vileda ProMist 2

Mops & BucketsVileda ProMist 2

3.1 from 7 reviews

Latest review: I was looking for a better solution to keeping our kitchen clean as our baby is learning to eat. I didn't want anything too big or complicated (ie corded steam mop) as we really only have hardfloors

Vileda DuActiva Broom

Brooms & BrushesVileda DuActiva Broom

3.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: I have cats that bring in the dirt and sand, and this broom does nothing to pick this up. My smaller dustpan and brush does a much better job. So glad I kept the receipt for

Vileda Sweepmaster Broom

Brooms & BrushesVileda Sweepmaster Broom

3.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: Packed up before successfully cleaning a studio apartment carpet (less than 20 sqm) once! Such unbelievably poor quality, that I will never waste money on any Vileda product ever

Vileda SuperMocio 3Action

Mops & BucketsVileda SuperMocio 3Action

1.9 from 9 reviews

Latest review: Terrible! Takes longer to mop my floor than my favourite string mop AND cost double!! It does nothing that it advertises. Can I get my money back--used twice...only because...first time I thought I

Vileda Extra Long Cotton Mop

Mops & BucketsVileda Extra Long Cotton Mop

1.2 from 5 reviews

Latest review: I already had a mop stick for a very similar mop-head. When I bought the head for this, I found that it didn't even fit. Why does Vileda force people to buy a different stick for every mop-head? I'm

Vileda Traditional Straw Broom

Brooms & BrushesVileda Traditional Straw Broom

1.0 from 5 reviews

Latest review: I wish i had read the reviews before i made the purchase. Absolute rubbish. impossible to extend the handle and i agree, my husband and i both had a go at following the simple instructions but to no