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Hisense HR6TFF Series

Latest review: Have been using this fridge for 4 years now. Perfect size for my tiny apartment and it provides just enough food storage for 2. It is highly energy efficient with just 400 kwh per year. I like its

Hisense HR6FDFF630S

Latest review: Purchased September 2015. Worked great until fridge stopped cooling. Not impressed. Would expect it to last longer. No more Hisense products for my household. It seems they only just work until

Hisense P7 Series

Latest review: With the Hisense 75P7 after a bit of picture setting tweaks 4K content, HD content and One X looks awesome and FTA looks decent as well. The Hisense OS is a bit lacking but with a Vodafone TV etc

Hisense HR6BMFF 320 / 435 / 453 / 514 / 520

Latest review: We replaced our samsung 414L fridge with this larger 514L hisense fridge. Things i like about it is firstly it is very spacious inside, the shelves can be adjusted to ur choice so u can fit in big

Hisense 32M2160

Latest review: Bought this T.V. for the bedroom. Only comes with Quick Set Up Guide. The User Manual you need to download from the internet and much to my dismay, has very little information regarding the operation

Hisense Series 6 P6

Latest review: Ok, so some of you reading this may be looking to buy one second-hand and are wondering why someone might be selling it. I have just picked up a 65P6 that is about 8 months old, for half the new

Hisense HR6CDFF695

Latest review: I have loved everything about my Black Glass French Door Fridge from the minute I saw it at JB Hi Fi. It has always been complemented of our stylish it looks but sadly something broke down in the

Hisense HR6VFF280D / HR6VFF280SD

Latest review: Got these for a good discounted price being a regular at the Goog Guys COULD'NT RESIST TEMPTATION! Lovely freezer which has an alarm if one leaves the door open (again) and room to dance! No

Hisense HR6CF146 / HR6CF206 / HR6CF307

Latest review: The only brand I know of which has a "fault" light which proved handy. You won't find it in the manual at all but it actually means that the refrigeration unit is struggling to keep the chest to the

Hisense HR6BF121

Latest review: I have only just received this fridge so cannot comment on its function. I can say however that I am disappointed in its design - there is no arrangement of the shelves that will permit standing

Hisense HR6 Series

Latest review: Great fridge and freezer! Plenty of room and shelf space. Water dispenser is great! Price was fantastic and staff were friendly and helpful whilst choosing the perfect fridge. Thanks JB-Hi-Fi for

Hisense HR6BF157

Latest review: Nice fridge with plenty of room. Super quiet. Nice colour. The freezer door is a bit hard to open and close but a bit of oil on it fixed that issue. Build quality is good as you'd expect with the

Hisense HR6FDFF701SW

Latest review: Had this fridge for almost 2 years and it has never skipped a beat. It’s large, and deep meaning I am able to fit everything in easily. The ice/water dispenser is an awesome addition, and the ability

Hisense HR6AFF355 (355L, Upright)

Latest review: What a jewel! Not too much one can say about a fridge... Has a temperature alarm and interior LED lighting so one can actually look into the guts and see whats there! Beautiful little fridge which

Hisense HR6VFF177A

Latest review: Never again, failed within a month,lost all our food, tried to contact hisense, surprise they are on a public holiday 28/09/18, checked online with other owners, and reset the defrost timer, hope it

Hisense Series X

Latest review: Initial setup is very simple. However, out of the box, digital 1080p and better content looks amazing but broadcast (free to air TV) at 576i (several channels) was really pixelated especially where

Hisense HR6WC30

Latest review: Purchased recently, this was recomended as the better purchase over the Haier/Vintec brands. Blending beautifully with blackwood buffet this 30 bottle Hisense Bar/Wine fridge is a real surprise.

Hisense R5 Series

Latest review: I bought this (MY 2019) tv yesterday for $799 (including delivery). And got it delivered thru appliances online. I previously owned a 42" lg 3d smart TV 2013 model. This one was huge in size and good

Hisense HR6BF47

Latest review: This bar fridge is a wee ripper. Its tiny only 47 litres but it does a super job of keeping the stubbies cool. I only run it over the summer - no point in a Victorian winter. One point that people

Husky Retro

Latest review: My husky 110 retro fridge turned into a freezer less than 14 mths after buying it at Harvey Norman at Cleveland. When I called Avisit the company that makes them they said it’s a cheap item and w

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