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Sunbeam Cafe Series Planetary Mixmaster MX9200

Latest review: Maybe one of the worst mixers ever made. Was disappointed that it never seemed to touch the bottom when mixing and today motor finally stopped working after just over 2 years and limited use (lucky

Infasecure Foldaway

Latest review: We have had this booster seat for a number of months now and the daughter loves it. It is comfortable for long trips as we quite often will do road trips all over the place. Reasonably easy to clean

Sunbeam Loft Tower FA7450

Latest review: At first I was very happy with this purchase. Good output and was operating quietly. Love the remote and other options. But after two months it developed an intermittent rattle which is now there

Sunbeam Classic Skillet SK4200P

Latest review: I can't be 'just lucky', can I? This skillet was accidentally bequeathed to me when a housemate moved out. I found it stashed in my pots n' pans cupboard, in it's box - brand new, months after he'd

Sunbeam Professional Wok WW7500

Latest review: A really great sized large pan! Heats up very fast and does Stir Fry really well. My only concern is that I can already see marks in the Wok Pan only after a few uses. I don't know what they are

Infasecure Neon II

Latest review: All 4 of my carseats are infa. Two of them are Neon II. I love that my kids can stay rear facing in this seat until past two years old. Cleaning is super easy, just take cover off and Chuck in

Sunbeam MultiChopper FC7500

Latest review: Bought this as i rarely cook and hate chopping or using a mandolin. This device does the job quite well is you dont mind how your food is chopped. dices and slices food very well and easy to

Sunbeam Mini Bake & Grill BT2600

Latest review: i had a mini grill 20yrs before i had to replace it,[wonderful little kitchen appliance, ] i then replaced it with a new mini grill,BT2600, 7mths ago i purchased a new mini grill, got it home plugged

Sunbeam FA7250

Latest review: I live in a cold city and don’t really need the fan, but because of my asthma I need circulation of airflow in my room, I loved the design and circulation the fan gives but we only had it for just o

Sunbeam Torino Espresso Machine & Grinder PU8000

Latest review: The cleaning cycle of this machine is not working as per instructions or anything close to what the YouTube video suggests should be happening. I run the cycle but it does not flush completely and

Sunbeam Bakehouse BM4500

Latest review: So far loving my breadmaker. The loaves I've made have come out beautiful. I have done 4 so far, 1 with fruit. Only one loaf wasn't so great, a little too dense and didn't rise as much but I was

Sunbeam MultiProcessor Compact LC6000

Latest review: I bought this machine in January 2018. The first time I used it all was fine. The next time (about a week later) I couldnt lock the bowl onto the motor nor the lid onto the bowl. Took my husband and

Sunbeam Kettle King Electric BBQ HG6600B

Latest review: it is just not hot enough, even on high The heat is not spread evenly, I'm never sure where to put my sausages and steaks and have to keep moving them around I am about to cook a butterfly lamb. I

Sunbeam Pro Steam

Latest review: This iron works well and i love how it has a auto off function. It works well on all the different frabic, it is also very easy to handle. Overall, I am satisfied with this

Sunbeam Cafe Creamy Automatic EM0180

Latest review: I purchased this frother 2 years ago. The frother mechanism still works great but the jug has paint chipping off it rendering it a risk to the exposed aluminium underneath. I contacted Sunbeam

Sunbeam Belle-Aqua KE7110

Latest review: nothing special about this little kettle, it does what it is supposed to do. I don't find the water level indicator placement a problem at all, however - it is crucial to hold the handle in the

Sunbeam MultiCooker Deep Fryer DF4400 / DF4500

Latest review: I use mine a lot and absolutely love it. I don't use it for deep frying. I use it for soups and stews, spaghetti sauces. It is sturdy and the coating on this unit is magnificent. I cannot live

Sunbeam MultiGrinder II EM0405

Latest review: If using for herbs this is no good. Resin gets stuck in lid groove, won't operate unless lid locks in. Lid gets hard to remove. Get one from Kmart or Officeworks

Sunbeam MultiBlender Pro PB7620

Latest review: Bought this few years back from myer on a discounted price. Easy to clean. Various blending functions. Have been using almost daily but Never had any probem so far. A bit heavy though as it is made

Infasecure Arlo Stroller

Latest review: We have loved outbreaks Arlo. It’s taken my son from a few months old up to just over 3 years old. We’ve had no issues at all. I love that it’s grown with my son. I love that I could have him face me

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