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Ionmax ION632

Latest review: I bought this dehumidifier because my son was having bad allergy problems due to the mould and damp in his room. He couldn't breathe properly and had rashes. It imoroved the quality of the air and

PSI Premium Twin Undersink

Latest review: Purchased the PSI twin undersink Pura-Tap replacement unit. Fitting was a breeze, unscrewed the old unit fittings, then swapped out the filter and re-screwed the water fittings. Too easy and now I

Ionmax ION612

Latest review: Choice have rated Ionmax as the best dehumidifiers year after year - and the ION612 is my favourite of these because it has a negative ion generator and Silver Nano air filter which kills bacteria on

Ionmax ION390 UV

Latest review: I purchased this air purifier over one year ago. It is hands down the best money I've spent on anything.... And that's a big call. I suffer from asthma and allergies to dust, pollen, pet dander, the

Ionmax ION10 Ozone Water Generator

Latest review: This product does what it says it will, it puts a very noticeable amount of ozone into the tap water, and I feel that it helps keep the sink and wash cloths cleaner and free of bad smells. It is

Ionmax Tower Ionic ION401

Latest review: It reduces dust in our bedroom where it is placed. I am amazed how this product has gone beyond my expectations.My husband had sinus problem for years and can't sleep when it attacks so i put the

PSI Standard Countertop

Latest review: Renovated our kitchen in 2011 and were interested in installing a reverse osmosis water filter. Living in a regional town with no access to a local supplier meant searching for a supplier in a larger

Ionmax Hybrid with UV ION90

Latest review: I have been suffering from allergies including very dry eyes and throat and good thing i have this ion90 and it has been a great help..Living on a mountain, the air is very dry but noticed the change

Ionmax ION681

Latest review: Works well in small rooms. Very affordable and does the job. Makes a little bit of noise, but not too noisy for the price. Turns itself off when the water is full in the back container. It's not too

Ionmax ION330

Latest review: Small quite unit in a small office… Left on permanently. Extra filter pack bought for a years time. Easy to operate. One of those stuffy office items that does help. The unit is four stars out of

Ionmax ION622

Latest review: Looks good, appropriate price, convenient to move around, doesn't smell like desiccant ones, but noticeably less efficient than a similarly sized (albeit more expensive) desiccant at 20C, rather

Ionmax ION50

Latest review: Overall I’m pretty happy with this product. It’s easy to use and value for money. Bought it when the whole family suffered from dry cough and stuffy nose. Pros. Easy to use Large tank, suf

Ionmax Serene ION138

Ionmax Breeze ION420

PSI Dual Countertop Range