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Kmart High Velocity Chrome Fan

Latest review: Since I have bought this, this fan has literally been on from 5pm to 6am Monday to Friday and all day weekends. Even in winter. Yes I am one of those people! I bought it because I wasn't happy with

Kmart 2400W Bagless

Latest review: When I bought this vacuum cleaner I thought it was great! Then over a few months it started losing suction power. After reading several webs for a fix, most sites mentiones a plug in the pipe or

Kmart Anko 11 Fin Oil Heater

Latest review: Worst product ive ever purchased. A light. Indicator missing.. And dosnt warm a small room at all.. Worst product by far. Dont waist your money on anko products.im buying frim

Kmart Fan Heater

Latest review: I bought this heater when it was close to 0 degrees in Melbourne and my heater was running almost 12 hours a day. It was disappointing that it lasted just over 2 weeks - i will be returning this at

K-Mart Oscillating Fan Heater

Latest review: I bought a K-Mart Oscillating Fan Heater (FH221B) for this winter, just for 20 AUD. Its really worth for small rooms and heats up quickly. Can operate 5/10 minutes and switch off. If the doors are

Love N Care Techno

Latest review: Easy to manoeuvre and I don’t not find it a problem to clean. However, I do have trouble finding the adjustment mechanism for the 3 position tray. So far it’s roomy enough that the 9mth old can be lif

Kmart Anko 28L Microwave

Latest review: Had this microwave for over a year now and we are happy with it. We don't use microwave as the main cooking device or anything and don't really feel the need to use any of the other features besides

Kmart Cordless Stick Vacuum

Latest review: Got this one to deal with kitty litter spills in the bathroom but unfortunately the messy moggy has won this round - this unit is not up to the task of vaccuming kitty litter and once it's switched

Love N Care Omega

Latest review: This change table bath combo is brilliant, i gave it a 4 only due to the drainage as it is a bit of a pain but still not a huge deal. I wanted this to go in our bathroom to bath our newborn who is

Kmart 1.7L Kettle with Variable Temperature

Latest review: The kettle has five temperature settings a cancel button and a keep warm feature. However the kettle failed after only one week of use. The kettle stared leaking rendering the electronics

Kmart Slimline LCD Hair Straightener

Latest review: Was not expecting a lot as the product was soooo cheap but saw a lot of recommendations so decided I really had nothing to lose. Have been using for about 4 weeks and am pleasantly surprised with the

Kmart Espresso Coffee Machine

Latest review: Was given this coffee machine as a gift to replace old coffee machine (expensive) that continued to leak. The Kmart coffee machine is easy to use, the coffee is hot and it is compact so doesn’t take u

Kmart Layback Umbrella Stroller

Latest review: I've only taken it on a walk around the block so far for a test run. Have previously been using a Strider Compact pram and it has become far too cumbersome for use with a child who's all about

Kmart Mini Hair Straightener

Latest review: Great little straightener for use on fringes. Easy to handle and great to take away when travelling. Would also be good for anyone with shorter hair, runs smoothly through the hair with no grabbing

Kmart Anko 25L

Latest review: Puchased on the 5/8/19, worked fine, actually cooked hotter than my old expensive one. 15/8/19, loud bang like a gun going off, and sparks blew out the back. Kmart gave refund with out

Kmart 45L Convection TY451BCL

Latest review: My main oven and grill don’t work so this i use this for everything. Heats up very fast and food always comes out delicious unlike others that dont cook properly !

Love N Care Complete BP F250

Latest review: Got this bassinet as a baby shower present and got to say, we are NOT loving it. The wheels on this thing are atrocious and it wakes our babe up when trying to push the bassinet into the room for

Baby Jogger City Mini Zip

Latest review: This pram is a boot saver! It’s folds down smaller than a portacot, so having 5 kids I need boot space and I still have it. Push of a button and pull handle and it’s collapsed in 2seconds flat. No fid

Kmart 2000W Bagged

Latest review: Decent amount of suction for the price, has all the usual attachments. I wouldn't use it for anything too strenuous. We just needed a cheap one for a small apartment with wooden floors and it does us

Kmart Anko 30cm Bench Fan

Latest review: great fan ! just bought this 30cm anko fan from kmart for $15. wanted to go for a 40cm fan for more power but ended buying this one. and its quite powerful ! good breeze and not noisy. was easy to

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