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LG WTG6532W / WTG7532W / WTG8532WH / WTG9532WH / WTG9532VH

Latest review: Nightmare started 4 weeks out of warranty. Got to spin cycle, with a small light load of clothes and it made a gurring noise of a stuck motor. No movement and smell of burning. Waiting for a

LG MS4266

Latest review: Firstly, took 3 examples of this microwave to get one that worked properly. Bought from Good Guys. First one didn't heat properly maybe operating only 30% of power and food was coming out uncooked.

Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus

Latest review: Based on the rave reviews I bought the Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus Bluetooth Speaker. I was under the impression the sound quality would exceed all expectations. But my experiences were to the

LG GF-6D725 / GF-D725 (725L, French Door)

Latest review: The fruit and vegetable section is very thin and breaks easily ours is cracked in various areas. The roller housing on the drawers have cracked and now we have no fruit and vegetable section and no

LG QuadWash

Latest review: After reading all the other reviews on here it became clear that some "owners" of this dishwasher either haven't read the manual, haven't done their homework, or don't really own this machine. So,

Bose Wave Music System

Latest review: This was my first Bose product, and based on it's performance it won't be my last. The unit comes well packaged, and is very easy to set up, only taking a few minutes until you have music pumping

LG Stylus DAB+

Latest review: Paid $280 about 3years ago. Dropped it so many times not one crack. Huge screen. Take fantastic pictures and videos. The stylus pen that hides in the phone is awesome took a picture of some Brisbane

LG V30+

Latest review: Had an iphone x for work and this thing is much better. Amazing screen resolution. After 10 years of iPhone the menus are quite intuitive. Paid 399 at JB. Proves apple is a cartel rip off. only

LG UK6540 Series

Latest review: I replaced my Samsung 55" with this TV and Im happy to say it does the job well The operating system is easy to use once to get used to it- perhaps I should have read the manual first ! I use it for

LG 332L with Door Cooling

Latest review: Slick, beautiful design. I find myself staring at it, transfixed, for minutes at a time. This is happening so often that my girlfriend is starting to become jealous. Consistently cold in all


Latest review: Easy to use and save a lot of water and electricity. Quiet and reliable the design is realy good it looks elegant overall a happy customer. I highly recomend this

LG GS-D665 (665L, Side by Side)

Latest review: You know when a month after purchase you still feel great about your new appliance, well that’s how I feel about this fridge. It’s a great size, it’s quiet, great temperature, easy to use ice and wate


Latest review: When purchased i was happy with the product until a few weeks ago when I found rust below the soap draw. I wrote in to LG about it, and they said that it was my fault for not maintaining the machine

Bose QuietControl 30 QC30

Latest review: After doing a lot of research (reading reviews from IT websites) looking for a Bluetooth earphone with adjustable noise cancellation, I found QC30 the best option. Bose was also always my favourite

LG GT-279

Latest review: Have this fridge for over two year now and it's still doing excellent. No fussy installation required, just plug in and switch on. Compartments are detachable for cleaning (except for the egg

LG SJ Series

Latest review: Very happy with the sounds it provides. And the connectivity options is very reliable. Bass is nice. It's not best by the way for the price you had spent on

LG NeoChef MJ3966

Latest review: Owned for a bit over two years. It’s versatile, cooks well and evenly. The downward opening door is great. But like the other reviewers noted the control board was faulty so that needed to be r

Bose SoundLink Revolve

Latest review: The sound from this device is truly incredible for it's size but we often give up trying to pair it and revert to our cheap as chips JBL. Seriously, why doesn't a $350 Bose product just pair when you


Latest review: This fridge does maintain temperature well but the freezer drawer always gets stuck and is not user friendly. I had issues with its ice dispenser and when I reported that to their customer service

LG Neochef MS2336DB

Latest review: Good affordable microwave, large microwave plate. Buttons are basic and minimal but does everything needed of a microwave. Place a happy tune at time which is unique. Looks nice and easy to

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