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Bosch Rotak LI Series

Battery Lawn MowersBosch Rotak LI Series · includes 3 listings

4.2 from 44 reviews

Latest review: Mower will sometimes not start or stops during use. On/off switch replaced by repair shop....no need... switch was good. Battery in good condition and charging successfully and making good contact.

Makita BHX2500

Petrol Blower VacuumsMakita BHX2500 · includes 2 listings

3.4 from 53 reviews

Latest review: Bought the Makita blower vac shredder BHX2500V over the Ryobi 3in1 for the only fact that i could sit the makita on the ground and Ryobi you had to hold. I have a bad back and i needed something that

Makita DCL180

Handheld Vacuum CleanersMakita DCL180

4.6 from 14 reviews

Latest review: We have been using Makita cordless 'dust buster' units for around the house over many years. Bought this unit about 12 months ago and performance has been great. Easy to use and effective at small

Bosch PSR 14.4 LI-2 / 18 LI-2 / 18 LI

DrillsBosch PSR 14.4 LI-2 / 18 LI-2 / 18 LI · includes 3 listings

4.2 from 14 reviews

Latest review: I bought the above and took it back shortly after regarding the chuck dumping the bits.The drill was changed without question.Now around 3 years later and home handyman use I find that nothing

Makita LS1040

Cut-Off & Mitre SawsMakita LS1040

4.4 from 11 reviews

Latest review: Bought mine second hand and I find it very reliable and accurate. Never a problem. Very heavy and solid machine. I use it for anything from pine to 90x 90 jarrah

Bosch ART Series

Battery Whipper SnippersBosch ART Series · includes 4 listings

3.1 from 30 reviews

If you’re after a lightweight whipper snipper that helps you breeze through simple yard work, the models in the Bosch ART Series might be up to the task.

  • Straightforward to operate

  • Weight isn't burdensome

  • Suitable for precise lawn trimming

  • Struggles with thicker weeds

  • Battery not very durable

  • Blades need to be changed often

Makita 36V Mower

Battery Lawn MowersMakita 36V Mower · includes 11 listings

2.9 from 36 reviews

Latest review: Purchased a Makita battery mower for approximately $699. The entire frame is plastic as well as the wheels and the axles are very weak. The front axle has broken and the lawn i mow are not arduous

Makita DUR181Z

Battery Whipper SnippersMakita DUR181Z

4.0 from 13 reviews

The Makita DUR181Z quietly powers through the gardening, making it a game changer for smaller-scale yard work.

  • Enduring battery

  • Simple to operate

  • Great value for money

Bosch Random Orbit Sander

SandersBosch Random Orbit Sander · includes 4 listings

2.7 from 45 reviews

The Bosch Random Orbit Sander’s variable power control gives it the power and guts to do a variety of jobs, but opinions are mixed on the effectiveness of some of its other features.

  • Completes large jobs efficiently

  • Easy to control

  • Wide range of speed control

  • Can throw discs before they're worn out

  • Ineffective dust collection system

Bosch ASB 10.8 LI

Hedge TrimmersBosch ASB 10.8 LI

4.2 from 10 reviews

Latest review: This little beauty gets our yard looking neat in no time and it is so light and easy to use. Bosch ASB 10.8 LI where have you been all my

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200

Garden ShreddersBosch AXT Rapid 2200

2.8 from 30 reviews

The Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 has features like a fast-feed hopper, Swiss laser-cut blades, and a portable design, but reviews are mixed on its cutting performance.

  • Quickly shreds smaller branches

  • Straightforward to unclog

  • Prone to jamming

Bosch AHM-38-G

Manual Lawn MowersBosch AHM-38-G

3.6 from 13 reviews

Latest review: I haven't mowed my small yard for over a week. It tackles longer grass brilliantly. It sure beats corded or petrol mowers hands down. The freedom of movement is so refreshing after my previous corded

Makita ER2650LH

Petrol Whipper SnippersMakita ER2650LH

3.5 from 13 reviews

Latest review: I got sick of mixing 2 stroke fuel with different ratios for all the motors i run just simply add fuel prime the carby and pull the cord starts first time every time the bump feed is great just make

Bosch Keo Li-Ion Cordless Pruning Saw

Power SawsBosch Keo Li-Ion Cordless Pruning Saw

3.4 from 14 reviews

Latest review: I purchased a Keo from Bunnings in September 2012. I'm on a small farm and use the Keo to trim smaller branches from fallen trees/branches, leaving cleaner/safer lengths for my chainsaw. Now I also

Makita EA3201S

Petrol ChainsawsMakita EA3201S

3.9 from 10 reviews

Latest review: Almost my first purchase after the Dec 2019 fires wrecked my place. This Makita was put through 6 months of pretty ugly (sooty, dirty) cleanup work, including dead, fallen and hanging trees were

Bosch IXO

DrillsBosch IXO

3.7 from 11 reviews

Latest review: I’ve had this tool for about 9 years from Mitre 10 in Mclaren Vale; I have used this repairing the lawn mover, putting up shelves, rails, and even light fittings. Adaptable, reliable, and dependable.

Makita MLT100

Table SawsMakita MLT100

2.1 from 30 reviews

For greater cutting versatility, the MLT100 provides right and rear extensions as well as an easily adjustable bevel cutting tool. With a 1,500W motor, it has a powerful cutting performance.

  • Electric brake for safety

  • 1,5000W powerful motor

  • Extendable table

  • Not the best build quality

Makita LS1018L

Cut-Off & Mitre SawsMakita LS1018L

2.2 from 16 reviews

The Makita LS1018L is designed to accurately cut straight and mitre angles in wood, and aluminium with specialised saw blades.

Bosch GSB 18 VE-2-LI Professional

DrillsBosch GSB 18 VE-2-LI Professional

2.1 from 10 reviews

Latest review: Purchased June '16 for domestic use. Never used mason bit...no concrete or bricks. Only for making holes for timber & metal. Whole chuck assembly fell apart and separated from motor, drive shaft

Bosch Cordless Tacker PTK 3,6 V

Nail / Staple GunsBosch Cordless Tacker PTK 3,6 V

1.5 from 10 reviews

Latest review: Owned this unit for about 3 years. It's been used & abused, dropped onto concrete from on the roof, survived about 50,000 actuations and has never missed a beat. Yeah, it's difficult to get staples

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