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Apple iPad (5th Generation)

Latest review: I use it for personal use and my children also have educational apps on there. Great to put movies on in the car for long trips. Easy to use and

Apple iPad Pro (2nd Generation)

Latest review: Bought to read music from, has turned it so much more useful. Love the weight and size proportions. Handy enough to do work on during travels as well as relax and watch

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Latest review: Bought this phone and within 2 weeks I noticed the battery would only last 2 hours before needing a recharge. This phone cost me a lot of money!!! NOT

Apple iPad mini 4

Latest review: Just an over priced internet viewer all new apps won’t work because of all the rediculous updates outdating the device. Scam don’t waste your money I have three and there all useless for apps now

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Latest review: Would love if they improved the camera So many models and they haven’t improved it yet. But besides that love apple. Not to sure If I’m ready to say goodbye to a home button yet

Apple AirPods

Latest review: I listen to a variety of music which all sound great. Very clear and loud. I use them while I work out and they are great for any kind of workout. Very satisfied with the wireless range as

Apple iPhone X

Latest review: have had it for a year loved all my apple products but have to say this one has a ink blotch on the screen and a ink blotch line on the right side havent taken it into apple yet but will need too at

Apple iPhone 7

Latest review: phone goes well but have heard others have issues with them so that has made me a bit unsure with purchase however running well at the moment so im not

Apple iPad (6th Generation)

Latest review: Purchased after having IPad 3 for over 5 years. This Ipad 6th Gen does everything I want it to and more. Screen layout and colours are great and the ease of using this IPad is simple. Has fingerprint

Apple Watch Series 3

Latest review: I love this when I lose my phone or watch it comes in handy both ways with its sensor I sometimes find it annoying to use but I love it with the tracking of steps heart rate

Apple iPhone 8

Latest review: I love the size of this phone because it’s easier to see everything. The camera takes high quality photos. I love the fact that I can have multiple apps open and easily switch from one to the other w

Apple Watch Series 4

Latest review: I have previously used couple of Android smart watches. However I couldn't feel those as smart watches. I bought Apple Watch 4 (GPS version) at Apple store for $599. Yes price was/is expensive. But

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display 13-inch

Latest review: My daughters computer screen failed after 4 months. It was treated gently, clean and fastidiously looked after. Despite no visible damage to the screen itself or exterior case apple stated she caused

Apple iPhone XR

Latest review: Nice phone iphone xr and cheap and best it has nice camara and picture qualityI really like the website but I find it hard for newcomers to find any work, and as such, I would look for some

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch

Latest review: This laptop has lasted me three full years of highschool due to its metal frame. I have dropped it multiple times and the worst damage it has received is a small dent in bottom corner next to the

Apple iPhone XS

Latest review: I really love the portrait feature on the camera and the live photo. Have had this phone for almost 9 months now and have never had any problem with any apps that I installed. The battery life is

Apple iPhone XS Max

Latest review: Great phone, i love the camera for this new iPhone XS MAX , it's very expensive but it's worth your money. I prefer Samsung but IPhone ahead of the league . Great

Apple TV

Latest review: this is my third apple tv...started using 3rd gen, then 4th gen non 4k and this is 4K....though i dont have 4k tv still the super fast A10 chip gives you an amazing exp...TV OS app store is an

Apple EarPods

Latest review: These pairs are found in every unboxing of an apple smart device such as iPhones and iPads. These earphones have a balance of mid highs and lows to augment a pleasing experience. Although these

Oricom BabySense

Latest review: Absolutely love our Oricom Baby sense monitor. It has provided us with peace of mind and allowed us to sleep well. We have only had three false alarms in 6 months. However we believe this is where

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