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Renault Koleos

Midsize / Medium SUVsRenault Koleos · includes 8 listings

4.0 from 90 reviews

Latest review: This does not happen all the time sometimes goes several weeks before it happens. But after I stop waitng for traffic when I put my foot down to take off nothing happens appart from the fact it moves

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Large / 7 Seater SUVsJeep Grand Cherokee · includes 16 listings

3.6 from 311 reviews

Latest review: Purchased new $62k, 7 years ago in 2013, now done 101,000 km. Reliable, great fuel economy (8.3 l/100km). Totally no mechanical issues at all. Great value for money:- packed with features that

Jeep Wrangler

Large / 7 Seater SUVsJeep Wrangler · includes 23 listings

3.8 from 86 reviews

Latest review: I use this car for a range of applications. Mine is a 2015 model unlimited. I do some 4wd, highway and town. I just love it! I do most of the servicing myself and it hasn’t missed a beat. The things

Renault Clio

HatchbacksRenault Clio (2001-2020) · includes 19 listings

4.1 from 36 reviews

Latest review: My car has only clocked 58000kms and it's computer module for the transmission has failed without warning. Was running as normal until we stopped at the lights when it won't move at all. The car was

Jeep Cherokee

Midsize / Medium SUVsJeep Cherokee · includes 7 listings

3.3 from 102 reviews

Latest review: I have only just bought as of the day of writing this review my 2003 Jeep Cherokee KJ Limited (4x4) Blue 4 Speed Automatic Wagon. this car had 309812 km done on it but that's expected for a 2003

Renault Trafic

VansRenault Trafic · includes 4 listings

3.1 from 60 reviews

Latest review: I'll begin with admitting I'm a mechanic and have driven vans for a long time. Hiace, Urvan, Vito. I sold my beloved Mercedes Vito to buy this French Baguette* new in 2016. Special order, took 5

Jeep Compass

Small / Compact SUVsJeep Compass · includes 7 listings

3.1 from 45 reviews

Latest review: This is our day to day, carry the grandkids, put the bikes on the roof, go to the tip with the trailer on, car. The economy is outstanding, av 7 ltr/100km all the time. Faults - none. The interior is

Renault Captur J87

Small / Compact SUVsRenault Captur J87 (2015-2020) · includes 7 listings

4.4 from 12 reviews

Latest review: Have had the car for a little over a month as a used car. It has been a great little car, perfectly suited for city driving. The good things are excellent fuel economy, decent looking interior,

Renault Kangoo

VansRenault Kangoo · includes 4 listings

3.0 from 22 reviews

Latest review: This is one of the least comfortable cars i´ve been. Unfortunately I used for work (i work as a delivery driver) and my back has started hurting because the clotch pedal is not hidraulic and is very

Renault Master

VansRenault Master · includes 2 listings

2.4 from 33 reviews

Latest review: I had purchased master van on17/1/20 and I just had service on August. After first service,I had experienced engine off more 4 times in one month. And reported each time but the serviceman was not