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Mazda 3

Latest review: I've only recently gotten this car, but I find it strikes a good balance of luxury, sportiness, and price! I'm thrilled that I can kick it over into sport mode for quick overtaking or taking off at

Mazda 6

Latest review: Bought secondhand 2 years ago with 80k on clock and a full service history. Country car, used for daily commuting. No unsealed roads. Now done 110k and every service has needed non service

Mazda 2

Latest review: A very good reliable car but it is not fuel efficient and can be expensive to service if you service it through the dealer. However, I am still very happy with the

Subaru Forester

Latest review: AirBag Recall Time: 29/09/2018 AirBag signal displayed on the instrument panel in May 2019 Airbag signal disappeared on the day 31/05/2019 when sent to 174 High Street Maitland NSW 2320 Airbag signal

Mazda CX-5

Latest review: Engine oil level too high problem still exists in 2019 build. The fix for this problem and advised during purchase for the above no longer existing has appeared at 3000 km mark and 5mths Vehicle

Subaru Liberty

Latest review: I purchased the Liberty Premium last year as a brand new car. Probably the two biggest Achilles heels for this car are the CVT and suspension; both of which are doughy and slow to respond. The CVT

Subaru Outback

Latest review: Just purchased a new Subaru Outback and initial view is not great. The car appears to be good quality finish, but first drive on the highway, I found the front to be wandering requiring continuous

Mazda CX-9

Latest review: I love mazda cx9 am using if from last 6 months . It s reliable and it got more advanced features. Am getting 10l/ 100km. Good customer service and good value for tge

Subaru Impreza

Latest review: Fuel economy is poor, and the car runs terribly on 91. Don't even bother with E10. So expect to be paying for premium fuel. Urban fuel consumption is poor. 10-12l/100. 6.5/100 on the freeway.

Mazda CX-3 DK

Latest review: Nice looking car, good features however have had a few issues with the safety features which are currently being addressed with mazda. This includes the automatic high beams constantly flashing and

Subaru XV

Latest review: Recently wrote about failure on the CTV on my XV Subaru with 135000 kms on the clock. Apparently this is not unusual after further investigation on my part. However Subaru have agreed to replace the

Mazda MX-5

Latest review: Have had the car since it came out. Loved it, every second of it. I admired Mazda as a company who takes care of so much details they put in their cars. Heck i even went to see the Mazda stadium in

Mazda BT-50

Latest review: We bought our 2009 model (manual) with 104,000 ks on it in 2013. We've since done another 170,000 ks without incident. It came loaded with everything we wanted (canopy, bullbar, hd roofrack, cruise

Subaru WRX V1

Latest review: I bought this car brand new in Feb 2017. it is my favourite car i have owned. i drive it everyday to work & around on weekends. Very comfortable to drive & great power. It has 3 different driving

Subaru BRZ Z1

Latest review: Currently I use this car to get to work and cruise it on the weekends. Great for national parks. I drive almost every day. Needs to be serviced every 9 months or when it hits a certain amount of ks

Subaru R1700i

Latest review: Excellent machine, starts 1st pull every time. As quiet as a Honda for way less money. High quality packed with great features. Love that it has a charger for 12 volt batteries and an almost 7 hour

Subaru RG3200iS / RG4300iS Silent Inverter

Latest review: This machine has been running an average of 12hrs per day, and has not missed a beat. Using about 500ml/.5ltr of oil per 600hrs, at peak usage. It runs dam and irrigation pumps, compressors and

Subaru Levorg

Latest review: I have found the Levorg STi Sport (not a real STi) that I picked up last week to be a complete and refined vehicle. It seems those complaining did not take one for a proper test drive as all these