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Koala Mattress

Latest review: I'm 70 years old, and my chiropractor and massage therapist are the people who keep me vertical! So you can imagine I live with chronic back pain. For months, every time I rolled over the pain


Latest review: I have not used Duromine in the way directed, due to the significant side effects. Rather, I take a 30mg tablet twice a week, with two or three days between doses. I find the effect actually works

Sleeping Duck Pro Mattress

Latest review: Fell over at work a week after getting the mattress and I believe it help my recovery I had no problems getting out of bed. Hope the mattress stays this way in the

Ekoworx Universal Surface Cleaner

Latest review: Purchased after watching videos for well over a year. Didn't have mega high expectations, but wanted the floor mop. Well, I have to say, it easily exceeded expectations. The floor wiper is great on

Optifast VLCD

Latest review: I finally took the leap and started last week .. I’ve been real strict with myself and tbh very proud also I started the week at 139kg Monday morning I weighed myself on the same scales ( I work at

The Man Shake

Latest review: The program is geared to your individual ability. For example I am now 70+ and so the workouts were limited to my ability to perform them but with optional workouts if I wanted to do more and the

Kmart Air Fryer

Latest review: I’m ver Happy with our cooking since using our new Kmart Airfryer. I think that it works perfectly getting the results that we all need. I would recommend this p

My Perfect Facial

Latest review: I LOVE this product. Have been using it for approx 7 months and see massive difference. Frown lines between brows are almost gone and the two expression lines on forehead much LESS prominent. The

Gardenline (Aldi) Petrol Mower

Latest review: I paid $299 for this mower in Feb this year, charged starter battery for 5 & half hours and when fully charged fitted battery to mower, mower wouldn't elect start. Started mower by pull rope but

Naturopathica FatBlaster MAX

Latest review: Very expensive with no result. I have been using this product for more that 2 month, I was on diet and light exercise, but unfortunately with no result. The product is very

Dyson V6

Latest review: When it worked it worked great, then the battery died so I called support and they talked me through finding the serial number and then sent me a replacement free-of-charge.

Holden Captiva

Latest review: Bought brand new LEMON Captiva in June 2008. It was supposed to be the most luxury Captiva, paid $44,000 cash and traded Commodore Executive valued at $12,000, so all up $56,000. For that amount we

Bondi Boost HG

Latest review: My daughter recommended Bondi Boost to me after I noticed a lot of new hair growth on her, being a retired hairdresser and cutting her hair since young I knew the product was producing results as her

Pain Erazor

Latest review: My husband tried his mum's pain erazor, zapped his shoulder 20 times and received a reasonable and deep burn wound!!! My mother in law likes it but also said my father in law hates it as it hurts his

Essential Health Slim & Trim (Aldi)

Latest review: I have been using Slim & Trim for just over three weeks and I'm seeing good results around my waistline. I was reluctant at first because of the sugar content but eating one of these prevents me from

My Perfect Eyes

Latest review: Works fine til you smile, then white snail marks ensue. Less than 50 pea size applications per bottle despite claims of 200. I looked forward to this- unfortunately hugely disappointed March 20th

Philips All-In-One Cooker HD2137/72

Latest review: My boy Burt bought me this for Christmas 2016 and I make a weeks worth of dinners for him (and our much younger girl) every week. I've just discovered the benefits of bone broth, especially for

Kmart Cordless Stick Vacuum

Latest review: Already have a Dyson stick vacuum for home use but decided to buy the Kmart stick vacuum as an extra because the price was good and wanted to compare. Straight away I could tell the difference

Worldmax TV

Latest review: Purchased last year, since last month wordmax is purposely sabotaging and deleting the apps from the old boxes to make customers buy newer box. Checked with the dealer, I bought the box from. He

Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer

Latest review: With many vaporizers out there, the technology to generate steam is using a ultrasonic plate. However with the Vicks vaporizer I believe that it actually boils the water to create the steam. We have

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