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If you have a small, flat backyard less than 1,000 square metres that needs maintenance every now and then, a push lawn mower can help you tackle the job. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before investing in a push mower.


Would you prefer an electric or petrol push mower?

Petrol push lawn mowers offer longer running time, a greater mowing range, better reliability and more power. This makes them more suitable for bigger jobs with tough grass. However, they aren't as eco-friendly as electric mowers.

Electric push lawn mowers can either be battery-powered or corded. They're a greener option, but there are also limitations. Corded push lawn mowers have a limited range and battery push lawn mowers are always at a risk of running out of juice before you've finished the job. This makes electric lawn mowers better for smaller lawns.

Which push mower features should I look for?

  • Cutting diameter: This is controlled by the size of the blade cutting the grass. If you have a larger lawn to tackle, a petrol lawn mower comes with a wider cutting diameter of 45-50 cm, which can not only cut your lawns faster, and cut down the time you spend in the hot sun.
  • Type of ignition: Some lawn mowers start with the push of a button while others require pulling a cord. If you have strength and dexterity limitations, you should be aware of this.
  • Size of wheels: Lawn mowers with big wheels handle rough ground easier, but smaller wheels on more lightweight models can be easier to manoeuvre and turn.
  • Handling: It's also important to make sure your lawn mower is easy to handle. Choosing a push lawn mower gives you precision, but controls that aren't user friendly defeat the purpose. A self-propelled mower can make that weekend slog less labour intensive, as you just walk behind the mower and guide it, instead of having to propel it forwards.

When is a push mower unsuitable?

While tight corners and tricky edges aren't a problem for a push mower, if you have uneven or hilly ground, a push mower might be too inconvenient to push, since you're providing the momentum. For a larger area, you may want to look at a ride-on mower.

Push Mowers Buying Guide

Our buying guide will explain which type of push mower would suit you most, how much you can expect to pay for one, and which features are worth looking out for.

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Makita DLM431PT2

Battery Lawn MowersMakita DLM431PT2

No reviews
Power SourcesBattery (Removable)
Cutting Width430 mm
Height of Cut20 mm to 75 mm

Price (RRP) A$699.00

  • FeaturesFoldable Handle, Mulching Capability and Quick-Start Motor
  • Catcher Type Collapsible
  • Catcher Capacity50 L
  • Noise Level 81 dB
  • Engine TypesLithium-Ion Battery

Is part of...
Makita 36V Mower · includes 7 listings
25 reviews
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