Best Rewards Credit Cards

Earn points as you spend with a credit card linked to a loyalty program. Redeem your points for flights, accommodation, gift cards, and various other benefits. Different rewards programs and credit cards offer different perks, so whether you fly frequently or shop often at major supermarkets, you'll be able to find a credit card that suits your preferences.


If you travel often, being a member of Qantas Frequent Flyer or Velocity Frequent Flyer could help you save by earning and redeeming points for travel related expenses. Getting a Qantas credit card or Virgin credit card is an easy way to earn points simply through your everyday spending.

If you're a member of Woolworths Rewards or Coles flybuys as you do your weekly grocery shop at one of the nation's main supermarkets, a Woolworths credit card or Coles credit card may be handy and help reduce the cost of your grocery bill.

Australia's major banks also have their own rewards programs, so if you have a preferred bank that you trust and already have an account with, you may want to consider a credit card with them as well. For example, get a ANZ credit card and earn points through ANZ Rewards.

Besides the linked rewards program, other aspects to consider include the annual fee and purchase rate. A reward program and its accompanying benefits is considered an added feature which can sometimes mean a more expensive annual fee. Be sure to use our group of Rates & Fees filters to narrow down options. For even more payment flexibility, filter for cards with a contactless payment feature such as Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

If you aren't a member of any rewards or loyalty program yet, take a look at our Rewards & Loyalty Programs category to help you choose which ones you'd like to join.

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Suncorp Clear Options Platinum

Suncorp Clear Options Platinum

3.1 from 7 reviews
  • Benefits: Complimentary Travel Insurance, Introductory Interest Rate and Reduced First Year Annual Fee
  • Minimum Credit Limit : $6,000
  • Maximum Credit Limit : $30,000
  • Rewards Program: Suncorp Rewards
  • Points Earn Rates : 1.25 points per $1
  • Contactless Payments: Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Discounted $49 Annual Fee for your first year ($129 thereafter)

  • 0% p.a. for 14 months on Balance Transfers

  • Earn 1.25 Rewards points per dollar spent

  • Complimentary International Travel Insurance and Extended Warranty Insurance

  • 3.4% International Transaction Fee

  • Balance Transfer Rate reverts to high Cash Advance Rate of 21.99% after 14 months

Suncorp Clear Options Gold

Suncorp Clear Options Gold

2.8 from 4 reviews
  • Minimum Credit Limit : $5,000
  • Maximum Credit Limit : $25,000
  • Minimum Income : $30,000
  • Rewards Program: Suncorp Rewards
  • Points Earn Rates : 1 points per $1
  • Contactless Payments: Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Earn 1 Reward Point per dollar spent up to $1,500 per month

  • Add up to four additional cardholders for no extra cost

  • 3.40% International Transaction Fee

  • Points Earn Rate drops to 0.5 points per $1 spent after the first $1,500 per month