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Husqvarna 200 Series

Latest review: Quick release system is useless, very easily damaged, mine has been ripped off twice and spindle has been damaged Always having problems starting it.... To much of a pain in the head.... absolute

Husqvarna 100 Series

Latest review: Purchased this mower in 2016 had done 80 hrs in that time. Best investment, only ever had one issue with the gear box not engaging into reverse which was fixed under warranty. Just a build up of dust

Husqvarna TS 300 Series

Latest review: Researched many brands was scared off for six months by reviews here so coming back to share my experience. Previously had lq2142 entry level for 9yrs/900hrs great for our lawns (1 acre around

Husqvarna EZ Series Zero-Turn

Latest review: Don't buy one they are no good . They don't cut even the drive belt comes of all the time . Everything keeps falling off and breaking the thing that holds the blade on . The dealer didn't do the pre

Husqvarna R 120C

Latest review: Researched many mowers, from cheap to much more in price, and talked to many owners of ride ons, and decided on a 'rider' with the blades at the front. Its my first ride on, and its great,

Masport Crossjet

Latest review: I bought this machine on the strength of the videos, I did not test drive on my property, but sadly I have found in my opinion it needs more horse power. On my property, in New Zealand it struggles

Husqvarna Z Series Zero-Turn

Latest review: I knew someone with a Victa who had deck issues and another with a Kubota who had belt issues. I got recommended a Husky. I wanted the Z254 model but the salesman advised the Z248F as it was a

Husqvarna PZ Series

Latest review: Do not buy one biggest waste money, after 20 hours of use spindle breaks, 42 hours of use spindle breaks, 65 hours spindle breaks again husqvara refuses to replace under warranty. Manager of husqvara