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Avanti Electra

Latest review: I would give these a solid 5 out of 5. I could not get the rationg to register 5. They are a true power assist and on slight uphill to down hill can recharge as you ride. This way you can get just

Giant Fast Road Comax 1

Latest review: Recommended - Super bike Purchase location: Western Cycle - 124 Street, Edmonton Alberta Westerncycle.com Very good overall: I've had my bike since 2015 and ride it religiously 3 days a

Avanti Giro 2

Latest review: This Bike was recommended by the dealer and he couldn't have picked a better choice for a first time rider. Great gearing for both climbing the hills and running on the flats. Other reviewers have

Avanti Giro 3

Latest review: This is my first road bike and i couldn't ask for more. Great looking, excellent 105 drive train and a really smooth ride for an alloy bike. A lifetime warranty on frame and 1 year on Shimano parts.

Avanti Carbonio 3.0

Latest review: THis is my first road bike. So I geuess I dont have much to compare it against. Fit and finish is excellent with conservative graphics. Enough carbon showing to prove the full carbon frame.

Giant TCR Advanced 0

Latest review: I have had this bike for coming up on 2 years (the 2014 is available at the end of 2013) and the bike itself has been pretty much what I have come to expect of a Giant Product. The frame is well

Giant Fastroad Comax 1

Latest review: I bought my Giant Fastroad Comax on August 5, 2015 and ride for about 6 hours a week. My riding season goes from June 1st to September 1st. This is the flat bar road bike with the 105 Shimano group

Giant Cypress

Latest review: I purchased my Giant from Ivanhoe cycles, I lived in the country at the time and didn't have a car. The bike was my only mode to transport, and I can happily say its the most reliable thing I've ever

Giant Fast Road Comax 2

Latest review: The Road comax is the first bike I have ridden or owned and it feels excellent. It's quick, light and easy to use and appears to be made of high quality parts despite its low cost. I would recommend

Giant Cross City 1

Latest review: Bought the recently released 2018 cross city 1 with hydraulic disc brakes. Paid $899. Never owned a Giant before, but i may have set my expectations too high. For this price i was expecting

Avanti Monza

Apollo Ventoux

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