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Azzurri Monocoque Primo

Latest review: I posted this on the Forza frame by mistake, it should have been here. Yes they appear good value for money, but... I have a warranty claim that they agree is legit, however, they want to give me

Trek 1.9

Latest review: A great upgrade from my last bike and amazing value for what you get. Well worth the money and you won't be disappointed. Great value - easy to ride and look after - the Ultegra groupset is stunning

Trek 7.7 FX

Latest review: I was tossing up between this bike and the Scott Metrix 10 (2013 model) The fact that the Trek 7.7fx (2013 model) was full Carbon had me sold. I'm a recreational rider that does 50 to 100km a week

Trek 7.4 FX

Latest review: Great bike, bought it from an official trek Dealer after doing a research between three or four bikes brands Finally decided on the trek 7.4 FX with carbon fork, great bike light in weight and runs

Azzurri Imperia Elite

Latest review: Price to performance ratio, Azzurri's Imperia Elite ranks as simply outstanding. I looked at many contenders in its class, but two brands' product stood out for their features of top notch components

Trek 7.9 FX

Latest review: I got this bike in April 2008, between having both knees replaced. i am 6' and weigh in 220-260. I have ridden this bike as much as 72 miles per day, back to back. I have 16000 miles on the bike and

Trek Madone 4.5

Latest review: I think it is a very good bike and one that all road racers should consider using. It has superb features and one that can be seen to be bought quite easily. So get down and go and get yourself a

Azzurri Monocoque Forza

Latest review: It is really my passion to do cycling with friends. My friend told me that his Azzurri is very comfortable and is lasting. He's been riding it for more than 3 years now and it looks as if it is brand

Trek 1.2

Latest review: Light bicycle, good for commuting. It comes with an aluminium frame, so it doesn't quite absorb the road buzz as well as a carbon one, however, it has a decent set of bontrager wheels and carbon

Azzuri Superlight Mezzo

Latest review: The bike, without pedals came in at 6.7kg which is under the UCI weight limit. Buying a bike online can be a scary process as there is sometimes no way to tell how a bike really is. But I have to

Azzurri Forza Ultegra Di2

Latest review: I bought this bike sight unseen online for what I thought was a great price despite the $350 delivery charge. The bike was everything I expected, except that I was very disappointed in the quality of

Azzurri Monocoque Uno

Latest review: Hi reviewers - I wrote the review in may 2010, have just revisited and notice I should have picked 5 stars! Not one, please change or email and I'll write a new review. Excellent quality for

Azzurri Forza Series

Latest review: Yes they appear good value for money, but... I have a warranty claim that they agree is legit, however, they want to give me a frame (without forks) that doesn't match my bike, so basically useless.

Azzuri Tigre

Latest review: In summary, I have been extremely happy with my first Azzurri frame. It isn't a Colnago or Trek but value for money appears to be a excellant purchase and replacement for the old frame. Info. on

Trek 7.5 FX

Latest review: It's been awhile since I last rode a bike and wanted something that looked great, rode well and was a quality product. Definitely happy with the purchase so far. Overall a very smooth road if riding

Trek District 8

Latest review: Perfect riding position with seat adjusted back on my 54cm, great quality steel framed bike for road / paved leisure trail use. Only has 8 gears so check if you have any super steep grades in your

Trek Madone 6.5

Latest review: great shimano components rear wheel started to crack around the eyelets after 3000 k trek replaced them under warranty and now am scared to use the wheel until i get to 85 kg i think that the stem is

Trek Madone 6.9 Pro

Trek Madone 5.1