Roadside Assistance in Australian Capital Territory Canberra–Queanbeyan

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Coles Car Insurance

RAC Roadside Assistance

Latest review: This year, I forgot to pay for RACWA Roadside Assistance, which was due at the end of March. I realized it wasn't paid at the end of June when the car failed to start. I paid the account online

Toyota Motor Vehicle Insurance

AI Insurance

365 Roadside Assistance

Latest review: My membership lapsed because the company was bought out and they didn’t bother to notify me. I received no apology by the rude and blunt man on the phone. Very unprofessional. I will be renewing w

Stranded No More

Latest review: After a breakdown, I tried to join the RACV Roadside Service, but my call went to Real Roadside Assist which later became Stranded No More. I paid the required fees for joining and towing and then

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Australia Insurance

RACT Roadside Assistance

Latest review: In view of long distances between service centres I decided to join the Ultimate option and glad I did. My car need dealer expertise and was transported from Sheffield to Launceston. Had I not been

btb Accident Repair Center

NAB Car Insurance

Holden Roadside Assistance

Latest review: On Saturday my car started to misfire, I was 27 km from home. I didn't want to drive any further as the engine warning lights came on and said get service. Just on a side note it was 38 degrees

Latitude Financial Services Car Insurance

AudiCare Roadside Assistance

Latest review: Said will be here within 1hr, its now been 2hrs and waiting. Keep receiving SMS with estimates going up and down. Also please don't ask me if i can do a review of your service whilst I'm broken down

1st For Women Roadside Assistance

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