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Zodiac VX55 4WD

Latest review: Was perfect at picking up the leaf litter. It then just stopped operating . Error 10 was the message. Worst part is dealing with Zodiac. Very Ordinary customer service. Constantly ringing to

Zodiac VX50 4WD

Latest review: After constantly battling with a hose cleaner which persistently missed corners etc. I moved to the vx50 and I love it! Lovely and clean every time and collects a lot of dust too. To not have a hose

Zodiac CX20

Latest review: Was a good machine but then It died just after warranty. I spent $400+ dollars and a $99 fee to a “supplier” to have it fixed only to die 6 months later and be told their repairs are only guaranteed t

Maytronics Dolphin M500

Latest review: Bought the M5 in December 2014 (paid over $2k). Was working brilliantly and very happy with how it cleaned the pool. Then - In the first year the tread came off a number of times and had to go back

Maytronics Dolphin M400

Latest review: Was a gift, cleans ok, spends too much time up walls, has now punctured liner. Power supply failed, and had to be replaced. Does not like curved surfaces, stairs, etc. The edges (front and rear)

Zodiac TX35

Latest review: Worked 'okay' for amount 9 months before the driver jammed up. Never got full pool coverage even after leaving it in all day. Unit struggled to pick up leaves unless they where precisely under the

Maytronics Dolphin Swash

Latest review: The machine worked hard but after two years the handle broke in two completely (I fixed it myself), then after two more years the motor and the cable packed in. These are very expensive devices and

Zodiac VX40

Latest review: I had my machine pack it in February 2018 just 3 months over the 3 year warranty. I contacted Zodiac customer service and they advised I take it to the shop I bought it (Hornsby), but consider

Baracuda Captura

Latest review: I used to have another robotic pool cleaner (Hy-Clor Pro) which did a good job but sadly it died after about 5 years of faithful service. I didn't realise how much I missed it, until I started

Zodiac CX35

Latest review: Purchased this cleaner due to a disability which stops me from lifting heavy loads. It is highly efficient and picks up the leaves and bark that accumulates in the pool with ease. I was very

Maytronics Dolphin X30

Latest review: Had a Demo unit supplied to us and it did everything it said it would and more ! Apart from picking up all the debris , we get a lot of dust on the bottom of the pool and the fine mesh basket picks

Maytronics Dolphin X40 Plus

Latest review: When it works it’s great. However it only cleans half the pool. I’ve had it replaced. Same issue. The cleaner tangles itself up no matter what you do. Very poorly engineered. Ive done everything sug

Maytronics Dolphin Supreme M3

Latest review: sadly for the price of $3000.- + and only used sparingly due to having the use of a pool man coming monthly to have the battery give up? Its to early to buy a product with batteries that give a short

Zodiac VX45

Latest review: We purchasded the VX 45 4wd robot just after we installed the pool. After owning a couple of pools before and using the vacuum pool cleaners we wanted something better. After using the VX 45 or a

Zodiac OT15

Latest review: Here is the bottom line: with a few adjustments to your technique, this robot is reasonably effective as a pool cleaner (3*). It is seemingly without peer below $900 (5*). So overall it earns 4*. Now

Zodiac VX65 iQ

Latest review: Zodiac VX65IQ is great, I’m happy with its performance. A bit expensive for our budget but decided to purchase it. We use a robotic vacuum cleaner for our tiled floors inside the house and it’s a lif

Maytronics Dolphin S 300i

Latest review: I have had this S300i for just on three years now. cleans the pool well, the two modes Fast (one hour) cleans the floor only and long (three hours) floor and walls is a great option and works well.

Maytronics Dolphin S200

Latest review: This pool cleaner is incredible! I love everything about it EXCEPT when the cord gets wound around on itself. I understand that there is a tension release system that is supposed to solve the winding

Maytronics Dolphin DB3

Latest review: Our 3rd power supply box in 4 years has just failed. Average life span seems to be about 14months..... just out of warranty! The vacuum is cleaned out regulary and is working OK ........ when the

Baracuda Tracker

Latest review: I completely regret this purchase, the Tracker want to constantly climb walls, the smallest leaf or debris stop the main wheel and worst of all the wheel stirs up the sediment on the bottom so the

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