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Latest review: Router is rock solid with advanced features and great wifi strength. Ability to set static addresses easily in the front end and rename devices is very useful for IoT enabled homes. I have ~25-30

Netgear AC1900 D7000 Nighthawk

Latest review: Not not buy this product. I'm an experienced IT professional and could not work out why certain devices were dropping connection randomly. Also, each time I switched any device back to the 2.4G

Netgear Orbi

Latest review: I've wanted one of these for ages. I ended up buying for my work when we got NBN. We are using hard wire ethernet to connect the two units. It didn't seem to work well using radio between the two.

Netgear N300 DGN2200

Latest review: This Netgear modem was purchased because I wanted to connect more devices via wifi and was looking for a good solution. I must tell it was reasonably inexpensive to buy and easy to set up. I just

Asus AC1900 DSL-AC68U

Latest review: I purchased this modem/router to replace an older TPG-supplied one, which was pretty awful in terms of range and speed. It also had an outdated and clunky UI. This router was a breeze to setup, the

Netgear Nighthawk AC2300 R7000P

Latest review: im happy with this netgear products which im using is very excellent,for daily im suing the wifi for tv and netflix and amazon primes .i dont reset modem everytime im using from longtime it has

Netgear AC3200 R8000

Latest review: Best ever, this router has not skipped a beat. It is not ISP specific which was important. Tri-band, and selects the least traffic-heavy bandwidth so you always get great speed. It also connected

Netgear AC1200 D6200

Latest review: I purchased this router from JB HI-FI nearly two years ago and have not got one single complaint. The router was very easy to set up and its does very well holding up with todays internet speeds. I

Asus RT-AC88U

Latest review: How satisfied are you with the connectivity of the modem/router to your devices? very good. How often do you get dropouts that are fixed by resetting the modem / router (ie. the ISP is not at

Netgear AC1600 D6300

Latest review: I brought this router in 2012 because I needed a quality wireless connection. For its time it was a mid/high range modem/router that wasn't cheap. It has been serving me well since then and I don't

Netgear N600 DGND3700

Latest review: This does everything you want from an ADSL WiFi modem. I have had mine for a few years and it never missed a beat. It's very easy to administer via the wifi network and has a pretty strong signal

Netgear WN3000RP

Latest review: Perfect extender yep all good,UNTIL I UPDATED then caput,nothing,end of ride.?I went through all the updating process as I have done in previous times however this time was ,well I am not sure what

Netgear D7800 Nighthawk

Latest review: I bought this to try to fix a range issue in my house. While it does have decent range, it doesn’t work well with apple products. They regularly cannot connect. The network often drops out requiring a

Netgear AC750 D6000

Latest review: Complete joke of a warranty. 6 mth old router stopped working after firmware upgrade. 1st phone call had the problem sorted after they calumet unit was 18months old - good thing for online


Latest review: Really suitable for my Apartment. I had a studio apartment, and always have friends over. It was so cool the Dual band feature so I can have a quests wifi and my own personal wifi. The speed and

Netgear AC1750 R6400

Latest review: Purchased the Netgear AC1750 from the Good Guys. It was our first Netgear product having previously used Billion modems. Found it super easy to set up with the mobile app and the speed and range is


Latest review: After I bricked my R7000 Netgear router trying to flash custom firmware, I finally upgraded to this router. Always hated my Netgear (poor signal, slow speed, you name it). Yes I have tried different

Asus RT-AC58U

Latest review: I used to be a fan of Netgear equipment, then when all the rage was going on with Asus routers I thought I would give one a try. I bought the AC58U off ebay, used and for $70 I have fantastic


Latest review: This asus router has been reliable and great for our family use. It has a good range and I can control the wifi people in the family use so we can limit the children on what they

Netgear N300 WNR2000

Latest review: Previously had issues with internet connectivity every other day, internet provider said it was not the modem but we decided to change it anyway and its fixed the problem! We only get connection

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