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BankWest Smart eSaver

Latest review: A good account with easy access and high variable rate for 'rainy day' savings which aren't locked away. Although you do lose majority of interest reward in any one month which contains a

Commonwealth Bank YouthSaver

Latest review: When my son turns 18, the bank does not notify that he's no longer entitled to interest in the account. We have no idea and only realised no interest paid for the last 18 months when the statements

Commonwealth Bank Mortgage Interest Saver

Latest review: The CBA MISA account is the worst offset account I have ever used. It's not 100% transactional - you cannot direct debit from this account and every single time you make a withdrawal it has to be

UBank USaver Ultra

Latest review: A simple bank account with a high interest rate. To qualify for the high interest rate deposit $50 dollars a week or $200 a month, easy. If you don't like having $100 in the sweep account, open a

RAMS Savings Accounts

HSBC Serious Saver

Latest review: 2.85 percent for 4 months with no withdrawls and can add to balance .... Better than any term deposit rate the banks will give you at the moment my bank offered me a miserable 2 percent and for a 3

Westpac eSaver

Latest review: I have been banking with them since 2013 and they give the best interest on this account so I would recommend opening an account so you can save quicker and

HSBC Day to Day Account

Latest review: Just tried to use HSBC Online Banking for the first time. I entered my my usename and password and navigated through the process of doing a bank transfer from HSBC to another Australian Bank. It

BankWest Kids' Bonus Saver

Latest review: I signed up my daughter for one of these accounts, lured in by the 4.75% interest rate. What I wasn't told when signing up is that after a year they empty the account back into the linked account

NAB Smart Reward Saver

Latest review: This is a reasonable offering from the NAB. However there are better savings accounts on the market for those who are willing forgo branch access. The NAB Isaver currently pays a higher interest rate

Citibank Online Saver

Latest review: Opened an online savings account under 2 months ago. Introductory rate of 3% for first 4 months was advertised. Just got informed it has now dropped to 2.85%. While I acknowledge the terms and

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