Woolworths Services in Australian Capital Territory Canberra–Queanbeyan

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Woolworths Physical store

Supermarkets and Physical ShopsWoolworths Physical store

2.3 from 1,734 reviews

Latest review: they are selling frozen turkish which is so yuk... they had a nice and soft one before but this new one, is not good...can only eat one day... will shop at aldi for

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2,812 reviews
Woolworths Online store

Online Shops and SupermarketsWoolworths Online store

1.8 from 1,030 reviews

Latest review: Don’t know how people can eat this stuff, coles is wAy better really test like dog food maybe dogs food is actually better quality, it is insane to sell that stuff. it is absolutely disgusting, I w

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Woolworths · includes 2 listings
2,812 reviews
Woolworths Rewards

Rewards & Loyalty ProgramsWoolworths Rewards

1.5 from 348 reviews

Latest review: 15 minutes of my life clock wasted trying to log into 'Fort Knox' Woolworths Rewards website. High guard security clearance demanded, multiple failed log in attempts and I am out of their entry

Woolworths Life Insurance

Life InsuranceWoolworths Life Insurance

1.8 from 4 reviews

Latest review: At the beginning of the month they happened to catch me take their call which I never take numbers I don’t know. I spoke to a lovely lady from choosi and I was then redirected to a representative for