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360 Finance

Car Loans360 Finance

3.9 from 169 reviews

Latest review: The service was excellent and they gave me an excellent rate of interest This is the second time I have dealt with. 360 And Craig Webber was my contact Really easy to deal with

ANZ Access Advantage

Transaction Accounts ANZ Access Advantage

3.4 from 35 reviews

Latest review: Had to open new joint account, never banked with ANZ before. Opened online, directed to next page to identification verification and only one of the two account holders were allowed to verify online.

ANZ Platinum

Balance Transfer Credit CardsANZ Platinum

3.5 from 28 reviews

Latest review: -text reminders send when the credit card is overdue, rather than days before any payment is due -be aware, once you cancel you credit card, ANZ cuts off your access to the ANZ mobile app and

  • 0% p.a. for 17 months on purchases and $0 Annual Fee in the first year

  • Ongoing Annual Fee Waiver: $0 if you make $20,000 in eligible purchases on the card in 12 months

  • Complimentary Overseas Travel Insurance and Purchase Security Insurance

  • Add up to 9 Additional Cardholders at no additional cost

  • 2% Balance Transfer Fee

  • 3% International Transaction Fee

  • No attached rewards program

ANZ Low Rate

Low Rate Credit Cards and Balance Transfer Credit CardsANZ Low Rate

3.2 from 36 reviews

Latest review: I've had this card for over 2 years now and find the fees to be exceptionally low. Have used this card in the South Pacific and didn't incur any extra fees. Great card to have for an emergency backup

ANZ Cash Packs

Travel Money Cards & Currency ExchangesANZ Cash Packs

4.5 from 12 reviews

Latest review: Just did a quick check on the big 4 banks and Travelex for Thai baht and ANZ had the best rate. Will definately order when required. Great to have some cash on you for small things when you first

ANZ First

Balance Transfer Credit CardsANZ First

3.3 from 27 reviews

Latest review: Have a perfect credit rating but anz did not accept employment due to lockdown in Victoria and seeing consistent pay from employer (was still employed but could not work because well 'lockdown') even

ANZ Rewards

Rewards Credit CardsANZ Rewards

2.7 from 57 reviews

Latest review: Every time you ring they are receiving higher than usual calls, if you want to change your password you cant because you cant get hold of anyone. This is a really poor service. I have waited hours on

ANZ Progress Saver

Savings AccountsANZ Progress Saver

3.1 from 14 reviews

Latest review: In May the Bonus Interest rate was 1.09% (pathetic in itself). This month, June 2020, the bonus rate has been slashed to 0.94%, even though the RBA has been keeping rates on hold. When I queried the

ANZ Online Saver

Savings AccountsANZ Online Saver

2.5 from 25 reviews

Latest review: Many have already posted the problem w ANZ online saver (OS) for existing customers so I won't rehash it. I've been waiting since Dec for ANZ to reverse their silly decision and it looks like they've

ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum

Frequent Flyer & Travel Credit CardsANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum

2.8 from 17 reviews

Latest review: It is unacceptable that ANZ uses an overseas call centre process your application. They ring and ask for your financial details. My offer was almost refused because the person on the other end could

ANZ Frequent Flyer

Frequent Flyer & Travel Credit CardsANZ Frequent Flyer

2.3 from 27 reviews

Latest review: I am a current ANZ customer with a platinum credit card and have been a loyal customer for some time. I have paid my credit balance on time and have had numerous offers to extend my credit limit over

ANZ Frequent Flyer Black

Frequent Flyer & Travel Credit Cards and Rewards Credit CardsANZ Frequent Flyer Black

2.5 from 15 reviews

Latest review: Overseas call centre. Application process quite painful with numerous back and forth phone calls asking for more information. I feel sorry for the poor call centre employees. It’s a clunky process a

ANZ Bank Home Loans

Home LoansANZ Bank Home Loans

1.6 from 151 reviews

Latest review: Been a client for years, have SMSF full of money with them, yet despite this when we applied for another home loan, as the credit card was 5 days late unknowingly to us, it was declined. despite it


BanksANZ · includes 2 listings

1.4 from 1,374 reviews

Latest review: Worst bank there is, do yourself a favour and do not go there. Majority of phone staff are incredibly rude and unhelpful. They make it so hard just to have access to your own money it is a joke.

ANZ Landlord Insurance

Landlord InsuranceANZ Landlord Insurance

1.6 from 25 reviews

Latest review: My first claim and I have two properties under ANZ landlord insurance, in short the waterproofing failed and it leaked into one of the bedrooms, mould and water damage to less than a year old

ANZ Car Loans

Car LoansANZ Car Loans

1.7 from 17 reviews

Latest review: I am currently an ANZ customer and had a car loan with ANZ (through a broker) that paid off without any delay for 4 years, finished last month. This month, I applied for another car loan to replace

ANZ Smart Choice Super

Retail Superannuation FundsANZ Smart Choice Super

1.2 from 69 reviews

Latest review: I have been with ANZ super and really regret not going with my employer's own super. ANZ won't let my employer pay super, and say wrong information, but I have given my employer all the correct info.

ANZ Esanda

Term DepositsANZ Esanda

1.2 from 62 reviews

Latest review: Been with Esanda for the last 20 odd years and bought so many cars and paid them off. I stayed loyal to Esanda without looking elsewhere for better deals thinking they will take care of their

ANZ Personal Loans

Personal LoansANZ Personal Loans

1.3 from 13 reviews

Latest review: I have given star 1 out of 5 because I can't put 0 . Applied for a personal loan 2 weeks ago supplied all that i was asked to, numerous phone calls and emails only to be told it's still with

ANZ Rewards Black

Rewards Credit CardsANZ Rewards Black

3.9 from 8 reviews

Latest review: Best card I have ever had. You accumulate points quickly and you can redeem for giftcards as well. And no annual fee for the first year is greatplus bonus

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