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Foxtel ADSL

Internet Service ProvidersFoxtel ADSL

2.3 from 58 reviews

Latest review: Slow Internet that cuts out constantly No customer service what so ever, they just want your money. Haven't been able to use it for 3 weeks and got offered a discount of

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Foxtel Broadband · includes 2 listings
114 reviews
Foxtel NBN 50

Internet Service ProvidersFoxtel NBN 50

2.2 from 44 reviews

Latest review: $70 odd per month for broadband and it’s terrible. Download speeds of less than 1mb is normal. If you call to question it the offshore support centre just confirm you have “super fast broadband” and

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Foxtel Broadband · includes 2 listings
114 reviews

Online Shops and General Merchandise ShopsAmazon

1.6 from 748 reviews

Latest review: Amazon must surely be one of the biggest companies in the world - this should imply they are trustworthy and transparent in their dealing with customers. We have been having a ongoing problem getting

Amazon Prime Video

Online Streaming ServicesAmazon Prime Video

1.7 from 99 reviews

Latest review: Prime saves me enough money on postage to pay for itself. As with Netflix, there is a lot of dross but there are also some gems - I probably wouldn't get prime just for the video but since it is


Pay TV ProvidersFOXTEL

1.4 from 1,928 reviews

Latest review: The worst quality T.V. , buffering all the time. Ad time probably more than the free to air T.V. Not to mention they are the most expensive pay TV. Stay far away from them. Not recommended to

Foxtel Now

Online Streaming ServicesFoxtel Now

1.3 from 241 reviews

Latest review: Foxtel Now is really an appalling streaming service. The interface is terribly designed (was it an intern?), operating similar to the Foxtel service (which is already 20 years behind). For example,


Book ShopsAudible

3.6 from 5 reviews

Latest review: Audible has allowed me to enjoy books that I would not otherwise have time to read. I particularly like the credit system and how credits can be saved for use at a later date. The range of books is