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1Cover Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance1Cover Travel Insurance · includes 5 listings

4.3 from 4,533 reviews

Latest review: I have used 1cover a number of times over the years and this year I had to make a claim while still overseas as my husband had an accident. They paid the claim without any drama. The thing that

CGU Business Insurance

Business InsuranceCGU Business Insurance

4.8 from 17 reviews

Latest review: We made an error on our policy details and we were able to immediately fix these through chatting with a customer service employee on the online chat. They were speedy and accurate and fixed our

CGU Travel Insurance

Travel InsuranceCGU Travel Insurance · includes 5 listings

2.5 from 22 reviews

Latest review: Thankyou CGU Insurance for always being polite and helpful while we navigated our Insurance Claim. After finally getting all the documents you required to assess our Claim and months of dealing with

CGU Home and Contents Insurance

Home and Contents InsuranceCGU Home and Contents Insurance

1.9 from 116 reviews

Latest review: The story so far 30 years with CGU treated like dirt when time to CLAIM published 4 months ago I have a question for you CGU In March 2020 I put a claim in , your builders lodged a quote, then a

CGU Car Insurance

Car InsuranceCGU Car Insurance · includes 3 listings

1.7 from 171 reviews

Latest review: I had an accident Thursday, whole front damaged from minor impact! Called CGU within 20 mins. They first said they wanted me to drive to a repairer, 20 mins away. I said too much damage, towage

CGU Landlord Insurance

Landlord InsuranceCGU Landlord Insurance

1.3 from 25 reviews

Latest review: CGU, as the many reviewers on this page agree, are THE WORST insurance company. They have tried everything not to pay for the damage to our property. However, I do question why they initially sent

CGU Workers Compensation

ServicesCGU Workers Compensation

1.0 from 25 reviews

Latest review: CGU is by far the worst company I have ever had to deal with! Whilst I feel that I was very reasonable and patient in terms of waiting through to their own “worst case scenario” deadlines, they don

CGU Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle InsuranceCGU Motorcycle Insurance

No reviews yet