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Online Shops and Book ShopsBooktopia

4.8 from 31,430 reviews

Latest review: Ordering my books was a breeze and postage was quick. Books arrived in excellent condition. I cannot fault the service and recommend Booktopui to anyone looking for an fast, easy and professional

  • Product Quality
    4.7 (1,109)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (37) · No (1,218)
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2019

Protein & Supplement RetailersVPA

4.8 from 22,370 reviews

Latest review: Really easy to navigate the store and choose what I wanted, the product is so yummy and overall does what it says! Was very satisfied with the sample and can’t wait to get the full p

  • Product Quality
    4.9 (3,730)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (188) · No (3,535)

Footwear Shops & Brands, Underwear Shops & Brands and Clothing Shops & BrandsOzSale

3.9 from 12,194 reviews

Latest review: The date was 5 years old and theres no scent in car air fresheners or house ones. I have no car so he oing back to post office isnt a choice. So i was ripped off $60.

  • Product Quality
    2.5 (439)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (136) · No (482)

Online Vehicle Sales SitesCarsales.com.au

4.5 from 10,580 reviews

Latest review: Car ad was on the website for about a week and sold. Very pleased, carsale.com.au is good value for money. Based on my selling experience, I would recommend carsales.com.au network to friends or

  • Product Quality
    4.3 (287)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (5) · No (353)

Online Shops and Electronics & Computing ShopsKogan.com

3.4 from 9,601 reviews

Latest review: I'm finding what I want that haven't been able to get in many years. My favourite bottle of Brandy. I've been shopping with Kogan for 2 years and have enjoyed everything I've purchased. To give you a

  • Product Quality
    2.7 (1,441)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (497) · No (1,221)
4WD Supacentre Online store

Camping Shops and Vehicle Accessories, Parts & Tyre Shops4WD Supacentre Online store

4.7 from 6,747 reviews

Latest review: great products and availability. Disappointed with no freebies or vouchers. Last time I shopped I got a voucher, but lost the code. I emailed about 2 weeks ago as I wanted to use it and haven't

  • Product Quality
    4.1 (244)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (35) · No (245)

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Online Shops and Flowers & Gift ShopsEASYFLOWERS

4.2 from 6,705 reviews

Latest review: My friend loved these flowers, they keep blooming more every day which makes her very happy! She mentioned that the teddy is very soft too! Great service, easy to order, highly

  • Product Quality
    4.3 (1,108)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (38) · No (1,135)
Appliances Online

Appliance Retailers and Online ShopsAppliances Online

4.6 from 6,673 reviews

Latest review: Kevin was fantastic. He willingly came back when I called him asking him to help me tightening the washing machine drain hose. Fantastic service. Now I know why this company is rated

  • Product Quality
    4.8 (4,128)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (139) · No (4,523)
Bulk Nutrients
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2019

Protein & Supplement RetailersBulk Nutrients

4.9 from 6,417 reviews

Latest review: I'm very happy with the pea protein I purchased in chocolate flavour. I've seen a few reviews saying its a bad flavour but I like it and would compare it to normal whey protein in chocolate flavour.

  • Product Quality
    4.8 (524)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (9) · No (550)

Online Shops and General Merchandise ShopsOO.com.au

4.1 from 6,073 reviews

Latest review: Still waiting for a refund!!!! Order number 3109602. Keep getting the run around. I just want my money back.was denied given vouchers reluctantly used. Product not available. Again asked for refund.

  • Product Quality
    3.7 (26)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (6) · No (37)

Sports & Recreation ShopsDshop

3.8 from 5,281 reviews

Latest review: very happy customer and would recommend you to many friends keep up the good work and products it is great to have a good range of products to enjoy thank

  • Product Quality
    3.2 (1,503)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (360) · No (1,298)
Doors Plus

Door & Window ShopsDoors Plus

4.2 from 5,107 reviews

Latest review: I can’t speak highly enough of the lovely service I’ve received from this team, from start to finish. From my initial booking to the installation, this team is truly professional. They turned up on th

  • Product Quality
    4.4 (1,103)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (30) · No (1,118)
  • Award Winner 2019
  • 2018

Footwear Shops & Brands and Clothing Shops & BrandsYesStyle

4.6 from 5,047 reviews

Latest review: Easy to navigate, honest reviews at the bottom. Haven’t received my product yet. Am excited to receive and will leave further review once I have the product and have tested i

  • Product Quality
    4.6 (762)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (48) · No (695)

Online Shops and General Merchandise ShopsCatch

3.8 from 4,840 reviews

Latest review: Had a few damaged items when i received my order however this was quickly resolved, This resolution was well above my expectations. I totally recommend and will use Catch

  • Product Quality
    3.7 (782)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (287) · No (729)
Pet Circle

Online Shops and Pet ShopsPet Circle

4.2 from 4,400 reviews

Latest review: Don't waste your time with this company, they're awful if you encounter any issues. Their returns section says that they can provide a refund, store credit or exchange. I purchased some items which

  • Product Quality
    4.6 (1,474)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (96) · No (1,673)

Flowers & Gift ShopsBloomex

2.3 from 4,270 reviews

Latest review: I have been using Bloomex now for a while and am very impressed with their service and the value for money... thank you, i have ordered flowers for interstate and they were delivered as per my

  • Product Quality
    2.2 (889)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (155) · No (866)
Digital World International (DWI)

Online Shops and Electronics & Computing ShopsDigital World International (DWI)

4.2 from 4,080 reviews

Latest review: I thought I would give DWI a go. I ordered a mobile phone in good faith from DWI over three weeks ago. I just received the dispatch confirmation today. Terribly poor delivery performance. They claim

  • Product Quality
    1.5 (2)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (1) · No (2)
  • Award Winner 2018

Footwear Shops & Brands and Clothing Shops & BrandsShowpo

4.4 from 3,911 reviews

Latest review: I received an order, items were not as pictured so I go to return them. Pay the return fee, no shipping label received (i'm still waiting), and I then find out they don't refund they only offer store

  • Product Quality
    4.1 (650)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (368) · No (339)
Roses Only

Physical Shops and Flowers & Gift ShopsRoses Only

4.6 from 3,874 reviews

Latest review: Update: Team member reached out from roses only after a review and offered the following options - $50 refund , $100 credit with roses only valid for a year or delivery of fresh flowers to the

  • Product Quality
    4.8 (1,081)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (10) · No (1,115)

Online Shops and General Merchandise ShopsMyDeal.com.au

3.6 from 3,867 reviews

Latest review: Perfect product and came in 2 days. I am very satisfied, even with the virus going on it was still very quick service. Happy daughter as well. Thank you so

  • Product Quality
    4.1 (1,346)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (144) · No (1,660)
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